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Application of wind speed sensor in smart agricultural meteorological environment

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-20
Application of wind speed sensor in smart agricultural meteorological environment
Wind is a natural phenomenon caused by air movement caused by solar radiant heat. However, from a scientific point of view, wind usually refers to the horizontal motion component of air, including direction and magnitude.

In agriculture, we pay attention to 'time, place and people'. Climate and environment are one of the important factors. Only by real-time monitoring of environmental changes and accurately grasping the farming time can we ensure a good agricultural harvest.

In addition to natural light, heat, water, and air are beneficial to agricultural production, wind is also one of the environmental factors of agricultural production. Monsoon prevails in China, which is beneficial to crop growth. In the Inner Mongolia Plateau, the Northeast Plateau, the Southeast Coast and the inland mountains, there are abundant wind energy resources that can be used for energy development. Among them, the moderate wind speed plays an important role in improving the environmental conditions of farmland. Near-surface heat exchange, farmland evapotranspiration, and transportation of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the air are accelerated or strengthened with the increase of wind speed.

Wind spreads pollen and seeds of plants and helps plants to pollinate and reproduce. Wind energy is a widely distributed and inexhaustible energy source. But everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. The wind will also have a negative effect on agriculture. It can not only spread pathogens, but also spread plant diseases. High-altitude wind is also the meteorological condition for long-distance migration of pests such as armyworm, rice planthopper, rice leaf roller, and migratory locust. High winds cause mechanical scratches on blades, crops fall, trees break, flowers and fruits will fall, which will affect yields. Not only this strong wind will cause soil erosion, sand dunes movement, and destroy farmland. Blindly reclaiming wasteland in arid areas, wind will cause land desertification. Strong winds and snowstorms in pastoral areas can disperse the herd and increase freezing damage. Some special properties of local wind often cause wind damage.

But normal wind plays an important role in agricultural production. The wind speed sensor is a sensor that is easy to use, has good performance and high reliability, and can continuously measure the wind speed and air volume (air volume u003d wind speed x cross-sectional area). It is widely used in wind speed measurement in greenhouses, environmental protection, weather stations, ships, docks, breeding and other environmental places. It is an important equipment for the measurement of wind parameters in agricultural climate automatic monitoring stations.

The more common wind speed sensor is the wind cup type wind speed sensor, which was first invented by Ruby Sun in England. The sensing part is composed of three or four cone-shaped or hemispherical empty cups. The hollow cup shells are fixed on the three-pointed star-shaped brackets which form 120° each other or the cross-shaped brackets which form 90° each other. The concave surfaces of the cups are arranged in one direction, and the entire cross arm frame is fixed on a vertical rotating shaft.

Jiandaren wind speed sensor is small and light, with good anti-electromagnetic interference function; adopts the bottom outlet method to completely eliminate the aging problem of aviation plug rubber pad; equipment structure and weight are carefully designed and distributed, rotating The inertia is small and the response is sensitive. It adopts a three-cup design concept, uses high-performance imported bearings, has low rotation resistance and accurate measurement; when the wind cup rotates, it drives the coaxial multi-toothed disc or magnetic rod to rotate, and a signal proportional to the speed of the wind cup is obtained through the circuit. , The signal is counted by a counter, and the actual wind speed value is obtained after conversion.

The wind in daily life can be divided into many types according to different wind speeds. Winds of more than 8 levels are usually more dangerous. Therefore, people have always paid more attention to wind speed measurement. With sensor technology, wireless With the continuous development and improvement of communication technology and computing technology, various sensor networks will spread all over our living environment, so as to truly realize 'ubiquitous computing'.

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