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Application of wind speed sensor in spring gale weather

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-31
Application of wind speed sensor in spring gale weather
The spring gale is one of the main disastrous weather in our country. According to climatic data, the maximum monthly average wind speed in all parts of my country's north and south occurs from February to April in spring.

The high winds in spring will cause considerable harm to industrial, agricultural and animal husbandry production and transportation. On April 27, 1983, a windy weather occurred in Qinghai Province, which caused nearly 20% of the seeds that had been sown into the soil to be blown away by the strong wind or exposed to the ground, and the flocks were blown away by the wind. Caused a large number of deaths of young and sick animals. In addition, snow was blown up, the road was buried, and traffic was interrupted. Only on the Guoluo Huashixia-Jimai section of the road, more than 100 cars and nearly 500 passengers were trapped on the way. It can be seen that the spring gale must not be taken lightly!

In meteorology, the 'threshold' of gale is relatively high.

In general, wind on the earth is caused by solar radiation.

Sunlight shines on the surface of the earth, and is affected by different latitudes, topography, altitude, etc., and the atmosphere is heated unevenly in various places. When the surface air of a certain place is heated and expands lighter and then rises, the surrounding colder air will flow in to fill it; the rising hot air will become cold air and sink to the ground after cooling at a high place. With this hot and cold cycle process, the air near the surface will flow, and wind will be formed.

The wind disaster is closely related to factors such as wind force! Wind force usually refers to the level of wind, which is proportional to the wind speed. According to the national standard of 'Wind Rating' issued in June 2012, the wind rating is divided into 18 levels according to the wind speed at a height of 10 meters in the standard meteorological observatory.

In order to avoid or reduce the losses caused by windy days to the industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, and to facilitate the monitoring of wind, we generally use wind speed sensors, which can continuously measure wind speed and volume (wind volume u003d wind speed x cross-sectional area) The size of the sensor. The more common wind speed sensor is the wind cup type wind speed sensor, and the sensing part is composed of three or four cone-shaped or hemispherical empty cups. The hollow cup shell is fixed on a three-pronged star-shaped bracket or a cross-shaped bracket that is mutually formed at 120°. The concave surfaces of the cups are arranged in one direction, and the entire cross-arm frame is fixed on a vertical rotation axis.

The RS-FSJT-* wind speed sensor adopts the three-cup design concept, uses high-performance imported bearings, has low rotation resistance and accurate measurement; when the wind cup rotates, it drives the coaxial multi-toothed disc or magnetic The rod rotates, and a signal proportional to the speed of the wind cup is obtained through the circuit. The signal is counted by a counter, and the actual wind speed value is obtained after conversion. The structure and weight of the equipment are carefully designed and distributed. The moment of inertia is small and the response is sensitive. Carbonate composite material design has good anti-corrosion and anti-exposure properties.

The advantages of the three-cup wind speed sensor:

1, three-cup wind speed measurement, three-cup appearance design 360° wind speed measurement, low power consumption, stable work

2. For aging problems, in order to adapt to various installation environments, the wind speed sensor adopts the bottom appearance method to prevent the aging problem of the rubber pad of the aviation plug. Long-term use has higher rain and snow resistance.

3. The use of waterproof cables, black shielded cables are waterproof and oil-proof, and supports extended services; the four-core cable has strong anti-interference ability and stable signal transmission.

4. The structure and weight of the equipment are carefully designed and distributed. The moment of inertia is small and the response is sensitive.

5. The high-performance imported bearings are used, the rotation resistance is small, and the measurement is accurate

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