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Application of wind speed sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-06
1. Application of wind direction and speed sensor in the field of air conditioning and ventilation equipment   Variable air volume terminal device is one of the main equipment of variable air volume air conditioning system. The wind speed sensor is a key component of the variable air volume terminal device. Therefore, the type and performance of the wind speed sensor directly affect the detection and control quality of the system air volume. At present, the VAV terminal devices of various manufacturers in my country, Europe and the United States all use Pitot tube type wind speed sensors, while most Japanese manufacturers do not use Pitot tube type wind speed sensors.

2. The application of wind direction and speed sensor in the aviation field  The 'airspeed tube' on the aircraft is a typical Pitot tube wind speed sensor and an extremely important measurement tool on the aircraft. It must be installed in an area outside the aircraft where the airflow is less affected by the aircraft, generally in front of the nose, vertical tail or wingtip. When the airplane is flying forward, the airflow rushes into the airspeed tube, and the sensor at the end of the tube will feel the impact force of the airflow, that is, dynamic pressure. The faster the plane flies, the greater the dynamic pressure.  If you compare the static pressure and the dynamic pressure when the air is at rest, you can know how fast the air is rushing in, that is, how fast the airplane flies. The tool for comparing the two pressures is a hollow circular box with corrugated surfaces made of two thin metal sheets, called a bellows. The box is sealed, but there is a tube connected to the PTS. If the airplane is fast, the dynamic pressure will increase, the pressure in the bellows will increase, and the bellows will bulge. A device composed of small levers and gears can measure the deformation of the bellows and display it with a pointer. This is the simplest airplane airspeed indicator.

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