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Application of wind-suction insecticidal lamp in the prevention and control of agricultural pests

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-18
Application of wind-suction insecticidal lamp in the prevention and control of agricultural pests
Starting from the long-term interests of agricultural development, the construction of high-standard farmland has become a key project in many areas. In this construction project, how to promote the prevention and control of farmland green pests is also one of the key tasks. In order to reduce the use of pesticides and reduce the pollution of chemical agents, the agricultural field vigorously promotes the use of air-suction insecticidal lamps to kill insects and control pests. This new type of insecticidal equipment can effectively control pests and reduce the use of chemical pesticides. Ensuring the green safety of agricultural products has played an important role in promoting the orderly development of high-standard farmland.

In modern agriculture, forestry, vegetables, storage and other fields, the use of insecticidal lamps to kill insects has become more and more common. The reason can be attributed to the fact that insecticidal lamps use physical insecticidal technology, which is a green, Economical and environmentally friendly insecticidal methods, the use of wind-suction insecticidal lamps saves time and effort, is green and environmentally friendly, and also saves energy. It is indeed the best choice to promote the development of the agricultural field.

What is a wind-suction insecticidal lamp?

The wind-suction insecticidal lamp is a physical insect-killing device. It uses light waves to lure adult insects into the lamp, and then the fan rotates to generate a negative pressure airflow to suck the insects into the collector, dry and dehydrate them to achieve insecticidal Purpose. The developed wind-suction insecticidal lamp improves the light source and insecticidal methods, breaks through the ability of conventional insecticidal lamps to kill small pests, and greatly improves the pest killing efficiency.

In addition, the wind-suction insecticidal lamp uses solar panels as the power source, which stores power during the day and provides power for the insecticidal lamp at night to attract pests to the light source. The product consists of a light source for attracting insects, an insecticidal component, an insect collecting component, a supporting component, etc. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient installation, strong operability, multiple insecticidal species, wide insecticidal range, safety, environmental protection, and non-toxicity. This product is widely used in agriculture, forestry, vegetables, storage, greenhouses, fish ponds, etc., and can effectively prevent various pests.

Characteristics of the air-suction insecticidal lamp

1. The air-suction insecticidal lamp controls the operation and stop of the equipment through light and rainfall. It is in the standby state during the day. When the equipment is not raining And when the light is lower than the set value, the relay that controls the fan and the insect lamp will be switched on. In order to avoid accidental factors causing the equipment to start accidentally, the equipment will start to run after being continuously energized for five minutes; when the light sensor of the equipment senses When the limit is exceeded or the rain and snow sensor senses rain, the device stops working.

2. The attractor lamp uses a wavelength 320nm-680nm multi-spectral insect trap light source, which can trap multiple types of pests at the same time;

3. The use of high-power fans can greatly increase the number and efficiency of trematodes;< /p>4. The working time is five hours by default, and it can also be set manually through the register.

Advantages of the wind-suction insecticidal lamp

1. Push-pull insect collecting box: convenient to clean up the dead insects, saving time and effort to protect the environment;

2, safe, reliable and pollution-free: the insect collecting box is installed on top There is a powerful fan, which can ignore the size of the pests and suck them into the air to die;

3. The top of the insecticidal lamp is equipped with rain, snow and light sensors. The overall design is natural, simple and beautiful.

4. After the lamp is extinguished, the fan will continue to rotate for two hours to effectively prevent the pests from escaping and ensure that the pests are completely killed.

5. The use of new polycrystalline solar panels has a high energy conversion rate and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly;

Precautions for the use of wind-suction insecticidal lamps

1. Insect lamp is a special Lamps and lanterns that trap and kill pests must not be used as ordinary household lighting.

2. It is forbidden to pile flammable materials such as weeds and branches under the wind-suction insecticidal lamp equipment.

3. The equipment should be cleaned regularly according to the actual situation of the insect situation.

4. When you don’t need to kill insects in winter, remove the lamp holder for safekeeping, and then take it out and install it when you use it.

5. If the equipment fails, the power must be cut off before maintenance.

The wind-suction insecticidal lamp can be used for the prevention and control of various pests in a variety of environments, and can effectively improve the pest prevention and control effects in fields such as farmland, vegetable garden, orchard. The suction equipment of the insecticidal lamp will not affect the pest control effect due to the shape of the insect. After the installation of the suction insecticidal lamp, the pests can be effectively controlled without the need for large amounts of pesticides, which not only avoids the pesticides in the agricultural products The problem of excessive residues has also reduced the pollution of pesticides to the environment, which has greatly helped the green prevention and control of agricultural products.

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