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Approaching the electronic water gauge

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-30
Approaching the electronic water gauge
1. What is an electronic water gauge?

Before understanding the electronic water gauge, let's first understand what a water gauge is?

Water ruler, in general, is a ruler for measuring water level. It is generally set in a fixed area and is mainly used for water level measurement in rivers and lakes.

The electronic water gauge is a digital sensor that uses the principle of weak conductivity of water and uses a high-quality processor chip as a controller to obtain data by measuring the water level of the electrode. The electronic water gauge has high accuracy and anti-interference ability, so the error is generally not affected by environmental factors, only depends on the electrode spacing, and has the ability to continuously and automatically monitor the water level for a long time. Because its electronic water gauge generally uses a stainless steel protective shell, it has higher reliability than traditional methods, and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, antifreeze, heat resistance, and aging resistance. It is not affected by atmospheric temperature, pressure, humidity, and sand content. Under the influence of external factors such as, freezing, etc., effective data can be transmitted safely and reliably in real time even in bad weather.

2. Compared with traditional water gauges, what are the advantages of electronic water gauges?

1. The protection and anti-interference ability are stronger than traditional water gauge. Generally, stainless steel is used as the protective shell, and a unique production process is adopted.

2. Strong anti-interference ability. Generally, high-sealing materials are used, which are not affected by external environmental factors such as sludge, pollutants, and sediments.

3. The accuracy measurement is stable. The sampling accuracy has nothing to do with the length of the equipment, and the measuring accuracy of water gauges with different lengths remains unchanged at 1cm.

5. The mode can be changed. Various working modes can be modified according to the on-site situation.

6. Better adaptability. It has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-freeze, heat resistance and aging resistance, and can be used in various harsh environments such as mud, dirty liquid, corrosive liquid, and freezing.

3. Application occasions of electronic water gauge

Municipal engineering such as sewage and stagnant water on urban roads

There are heavy rains in summer, and the low-lying roads, underpasses and tunnels caused by heavy rainfall produce a lot of The phenomenon of stagnant water occurs from time to time. The electronic water gauge can be used to measure real-time water level information in areas such as overpass bridges, streets, tunnels, etc., so that the traffic management department can provide travel guides for the masses. Because there is no need to build well logging during installation, it can be installed vertically or inclined to the wall. It is more suitable for use in urban environments.

Water conservancy and hydropower engineering

Water conservancy and hydropower engineering is the place where electronic water gauges are the most used. Researchers or water conservancy staff generally need to use electronic water gauges with remote data service for water level observation in order to grasp the degree of river water changes. Recording equipment provides accurate data for water conservancy monitoring work; it is also used for water level monitoring such as seawall tide height or wave climbing.

In addition, other areas where water level changes are not large, such as liquid level detection in food and chemical engineering, tap water and irrigation area channels, are also applications for electronic water gauges; electronic water gauges are also needed in chemical engineering such as wine and beverages. , To measure the water level of various fluids.

Four. Monitoring methods of the electronic water level gauge

There are three monitoring methods for the electronic water level gauge: altitude mode, water depth mode and tilt mode.

1. Air height mode: water level value u003d total length of the water gauge-water level + reference value

2, water depth mode: water level value u003d water level + reference value

3, tilt mode: water level value u003d water level *cos (angle) + reference value

In short, the electronic water gauge is an application-type tool that is easy to install and convenient to measure water level. Have you understood?

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