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Aquaculture Environmental Monitoring System_Water Quality PH Sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-09
Aquaculture Environmental Monitoring System_Water Quality PH Sensor

In the autumn wind, crab feet are itchy. Huangpu River hairy crabs officially went on sale this week, and Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs will also be caught on September 21. For those who love crabs, it’s another good season. As we all know, whether it is Huangpu River hairy crabs or Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, the crabs currently on the market are all products of aquaculture.

Aquaculture is to meet people's demand for aquatic products and establish an additional way to obtain them. Traditional aquaculture is characterized by sacrificing the natural environment and consuming a large amount of material. This method of aquaculture is not only costly, low-efficiency, restricted by geographical conditions, but also destroys the natural environment. Modern farming methods such as artificial pond farming, cage farming, flowing water farming, etc., through the application of IoT technology and sensor technology to achieve high-efficiency and refined aquaculture.

The intelligent monitoring system for aquaculture environment is oriented to the development needs of intensive, high-yield, high-efficiency, ecological, and safe aquaculture. It is based on the development of intelligent sensing, wireless communication, intelligent processing and intelligent control and other IoT technologies. An aquaculture environmental monitoring system integrating online collection of water quality environmental parameters, intelligent networking, wireless transmission, intelligent processing, early warning information release, decision support, and remote automatic control.

The aquaculture environmental monitoring system is mainly composed of a sensor part, a transmission part, a control part and a software monitoring platform.

1. Sensor part

Temperature sensor, illuminance sensor, water quality PH sensor, etc. These sensors can monitor various information of water quality and environment in real time.

2, transmission part

Provide wired (RS485), wireless (GPRS/4G) transmission methods

3, control part

After setting the relevant control conditions through the information collected by the sensor, the water pump, solenoid valve, fan and other equipment can be controlled to realize automatic control.

The following functions can be realized:

1. Temperature monitoring and control-temperature transmitter

Temperature is one of the important environmental factors affecting aquaculture. This includes the temperature of the water inlet, the temperature in the pond, and the temperature of the air in the farm. According to experience, in a suitable water temperature range: 1) the higher the water temperature, the greater the fish intake, and the faster the growth; 2) the higher the water temperature, the shorter the incubation time. Calculating the appropriate water temperature plays an important role in the growth of fish, and the same is true for other aquatic products. The Internet of Things monitoring system can monitor the water temperature of the farm waters 24 hours a day. When the temperature is higher or lower than the set range, the system will automatically alarm and send the situation on the spot to the user's mobile phone via SMS. The monitoring interface pops up an alarm. information. The user can automatically turn on the water temperature control device through resetting, and the system will automatically shut down when the water temperature returns to the normal value.

2. Illumination monitoring and control-illuminance transmitter

The length and strength of the illumination determine the long reproduction cycle and production quality of water. The illumination system will Automatically calculate the length of light for aquatic products during aquaculture to help remind farmers to determine whether or not to open and close the sunroof.

3. PH value monitoring and control-water quality PH sensor

PH value is too low, the water body is acidic, for fish, it will cause fish Gill disease, the utilization of oxygen is reduced, causing fish to become sick or bacteria in the water to multiply. The system is equipped with a PH value test probe. When the PH value of the water body exceeds the normal range, the nozzle valve is automatically opened to change the water.

Users can log in to the software monitoring platform through information terminals such as computers and mobile apps to grasp the environmental information of aquaculture water quality in real time, obtain abnormal alarm information and water quality warning information in time, and can according to the water quality monitoring results , Real-time automatic adjustment and control of equipment to realize scientific breeding and management of aquaculture, and ultimately realize the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction, green environmental protection, and increase in production and income.

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