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Aquaculture intelligent monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-09

from the development trend of world fisheries, most natural fishery resources is presented to make full use of, or excessive use of state, and with the population increase and improve the living standards, the future supply of aquatic products will mainly rely on aquaculture.

but due to the geographical environment in some areas and a humid subtropical monsoon climate, the rainy season, floods, destroyed every year fish ponds, blunt run left, turbid water, affect the growth of fish, to cause great economic losses, fishery reasons accounting for more than 50% of the damage of the flood, because of the lack of insurance, huge losses without compensation, often bring devastating blow to the aquaculturists, causing ruin, collapse, relief subsidies from the government, can only solve basic life safeguard.

if the fish disease prevention is not good, easy to cause frequent fish disease or sudden explosive fish disease, once the disease, it is difficult to treat, can cause large, large area of dead fish, explosive, infectious disease risk loss second, accounting for about 20% of the damage. Are not sufficient in some water, drainage, underdeveloped place, only rely on agriculture planting water or only since the shaft extraction of groundwater. Ditches in accumulation of straw at the time of the water pollutants such as water flow, if the water into the pond, likely to cause death or cause stress reaction of aquatic products. At the same time, due to the planning is not scientific, environmental protection treatment is not up to standard, the surrounding some sewage farms, agricultural non-point source pollution or waste water will harm the aquaculture safety. For the owner, is often their money, completely annihilated; Especially the flowing water of the intensification of farmers is disastrous, unthreatening, hard to bear, losing their ability to resume production.

aquaculture looks be like simple, but to keep good a left, profit, technique and experience are essential, and it is throughout the breeding cycle, special aquatic products breeding, the technical requirements are higher. Seedling selection, daily management, to prevention and cure diseases, drugs, feeding management and so on have a direct impact on disease incidence rate, quality and output of aquatic products, etc. , finally decides the success or failure of investment. If technology lack and mismanagement, aquaculture water toxicity caused by overweight or anoxia generic pool dead fish also happen from time to tome, generally accounts for about 10% of the damage.

fine - open to provide you with 'aquaculture' intelligent monitoring system integration of intelligent water quality sensors, wireless sensor network, remote data communication, technology, such as intelligent management system and video monitor system for intensive aquaculture, high-yield, high efficiency, the development of ecology, safety requirements, building the aquaculture intelligent monitoring system, cloud platform to realize the real-time connection aquaculture monitoring system of aquaculture water quality parameters of multi-point synchronous acquisition and remote transmission, water quality information of multimode access and early warning information release in time, aerator, bait casting machines and other production equipment of the remote control.

the whole system can be a real aquaculture environmental information safe, reliable, accurate, real-time, and complete, fast and efficient show in front of management, greatly improving the efficiency of aquaculture, improve the level of aquaculture.

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