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Aquaculture monitoring system (platform + water quality monitoring sensor)

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-28
Aquaculture monitoring system (platform + water quality monitoring sensor)
China is a large aquaculture country, and its output accounts for about 70% of the world's total output. With the rapid development of the aquaculture industry, aquaculture species, breeding methods and types of aquaculture water bodies have gradually become diversified, and the difficulty of aquaculture management has also continued to increase. The quality of water will affect the quality and safety of aquatic products. Monitoring and regulating various parameters of water quality (water temperature, water level, ammonia nitrogen, PH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, turbidity) can reduce 30% to 40% of aquatic products Mortality rate, and provide a good and healthy growth environment for aquatic products.

At present, most of the water quality monitoring in domestic aquaculture is in the manual monitoring stage of manual sampling and chemical analysis, and even estimates based on experience. This method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, with low accuracy, and at the same time in the monitoring time. , There are also great limitations in the early warning of accidents, which are far from meeting the needs of the further development of factory farming. In order to solve the problems of inconvenience, high cost, and excessive manpower consumption in the monitoring of the ecological environment of the water body in aquaculture, and to improve the economic benefits of the aquaculture industry, a set of aquaculture monitoring system has been introduced.

This system is developed for the development needs of intensive, high-yield, high-efficiency, ecological and safe aquaculture, based on the Internet of Things technologies such as smart sensors, wireless networks, and communications. It collects water quality and environmental parameters online collection, wireless transmission, An aquaculture monitoring system with intelligent processing, over-limit alarm, remote management and other functions.

The system consists of intelligent water quality sensors (water temperature, water level, ammonia nitrogen, PH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, turbidity sensors), environmental sensors (air temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, light intensity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, etc. sensors) , LED display, high-definition network video camera, environmental monitoring cloud platform. The water quality is monitored by smart water quality sensors, and the collected key parameters are sent to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through the meteorological monitoring host (4G upload).

System function

(1) Aquaculture monitoring can monitor water quality parameters in a variety of environments, such as aquaculture, rivers, and sewage testing.

(2) It can be connected with an external camera, and can superimpose video characters, and carry out 24-hour remote real-time monitoring of the breeding area, which not only guarantees the safe production of the breeding site, but also improves the work efficiency of the management personnel and the efficiency of the breeding production. Scientific management level.

(3) Float installation, easy to use, with waterproof tube to ensure stability during use; float styles are diverse, users can choose the installation method of the smart water quality sensor according to their own needs.

Method 1: Solar float installation

Float base, epoxy resin board perforation, solar panel support, waterproof box (host, solar power supply system, 4G system, PH conversion module), waterproof pole installation probe .

Method 2: Simple float or PVC pipe installation

can be used with our weather equipment, stainless steel plate plus guide pipe plus positioning pin plus float to form the base. Perforated waterproof pipe on stainless steel plate, 5m or 10m cable connected to the shore and fixed in a waterproof box on a pole on a cement base. There are solar panels, 360° cameras, lightning protection devices on the poles, and a waterproof box (host, PH converter, power adapter or solar power supply system, 4G router, network video character overlay, M88 industrial control module) to achieve water quality and environment Multi-element monitoring.

Method 3: Direct installation of the waterproof tube

If it is convenient to install the waterproof tube directly on site, there is no need to match the float bracket.

(4) Data upload to our environmental monitoring cloud platform, large-screen visualization, panoramic views of the monitoring area, data visualization, and timely understanding of all dynamics in the detection area.

(5) Data can be analyzed, historical data, dynamic curves, alarm records can be viewed at any time, and reports can be exported.

(6) The cloud control APP is synchronized to monitor, and you can view the dynamics of the monitoring area anytime and anywhere, and deal with it in time.

The aquaculture monitoring system can help managers obtain accurate and real-time data, so as to achieve high and stable production, realize scientific breeding and management of aquaculture, and achieve the goals of energy saving and consumption reduction, green environmental protection, and increase in production and income.

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