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As soon as the insect situation forecasting instrument is launched, even if the pests have their wings inserted, they can hardly escape

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-12
As soon as the insect situation forecasting instrument is launched, even if the pests have their wings inserted, they can hardly escape
'You can wash and wash fruits when you eat them! They are all pesticide residues.' I often hear parents tell their children this way. They all know that pesticide residues can easily cause poisoning, which can scare everyone. In order to prevent pests, the most traditional and effective method is to use pesticides. Although it is effective against pests, this method destroys the environment, destroys the soil, and also affects people's health. Although it is not advocated, there is no other way.

Spraying pesticides is afraid of residues, and not spraying them is also afraid of pests, which can worry the staff. The emphasis on pesticide residues makes orchard growers pay attention to the prevention and control of pests. Is there any other way to eliminate pests? Insect situation detector may be helpful.

Insect situation forecasting instrument is a special equipment used to prevent and control agricultural pests. It uses modern optical, electrical, numerical control and other technologies to achieve pest trapping, far-infrared automatic processing of insects, and conveyor belts for transportation. , The whole lamp automatically runs and other functions. Insect situation measuring instrument is a new generation of image-based insect situation measuring and reporting tool developed by our company that meets the GB-T24689.1-2009 standard. It can automatically attract insects, kill insects, disperse insects, and take pictures without supervision. , Transportation, collection, drainage and other system operations, and then use wireless transmission technology, Internet of Things technology to upload environmental weather and pest conditions to the agricultural cloud platform in real time, analyze and predict the occurrence and development of pests, and provide services for modern agriculture. Meet the needs of insect forecasting and specimen collection.

There are a lot of pests in the orchard, such as spider mites, aphids, scarabs, heartworms, scale insects, etc., always thinking about destroying fruit trees and fruits, and the insect situation monitor appears as a 'natural enemyEffectively, the insect situation forecasting instrument has two upper and lower far-infrared insect body processing chambers. The lethality rate of insects is not less than 98%, and the completion rate of insect bodies is not less than 95%. This data is sufficient to explain the effect of the application of the insect situation forecasting instrument.

When the data is uploaded to the cloud platform, the staff can view the insect situation in real time, and can view the insect situation pictures taken by the equipment. The picture includes the area where the equipment is located, the equipment name, the sampling time, the number of pests, etc.; the insect situation can also be carried out Analyze and analyze the pest information of the pictures taken by the equipment, you can choose 'automatic identification' or manual identification.

The measuring and reporting instrument also has the following features:

1. Rain and insect separation technology, which automatically separates rainwater from insects.

2. Light control technology, automatic power-on detection at night, automatic light-off standby during the day, night working state, not subject to instantaneous strong light to change the working state.

3. 500W high-definition camera, can clearly distinguish each insect body.

4. Built-in positioning function, you can view the device site and other data on the platform map, which is convenient for users to view.

5. Insect lamp, insecticidal bin, drying bin, camera, etc. can be controlled remotely and manually.

6. There are blinds around the lamp to effectively prevent non-target large insects or leaves and other debris from entering the equipment and affecting the identification of the insect body.

7. The impact screens form an angle of 120 degrees each other, and the size of a single screen: length 595±2mm, width 213±2mm, and thickness 5mm.

Its application is also very extensive, used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, vegetables, tobacco, tea, medicinal materials, gardens, orchards, urban greening, quarantine and other fields.

After understanding the principle and characteristics of the pest monitor, it is necessary to install a pest monitor in the orchard. It not only helps the fruit grower understand the occurrence of pests, but also can cooperate with the staff to improve the pest control effect and effectively reduce The use of pesticides and other chemical agents has improved the greenness of modern planting, and helped orchards to achieve the production requirements of green orchards, providing a strong basis for scientific prevention and control. And green and pollution-free fruits can be more popular with people and make people eat more at ease~

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