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Blue blue! Dust monitoring system helps protect the blue sky and clear water

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-05
Blue blue! Dust monitoring system helps protect the blue sky and clear water

2020 is the final year to win the 'Blue Sky Defense War'. However, the blue sky defense war is a normal task. The focus is not on temporary victory, but on 'regular governanceEnvironmental protection departments in various places have carried out various strengthening of governance activities, from the four major structural adjustments and optimizations at the source, the governance of key links, to regional cooperation, and joint prevention and control, to show their magical powers and deepen the defense of the blue sky.

Today, China’s economy continues to develop, and people’s economic level is also rising steadily. As an important part of the national economic industrial system, the real estate industry is indispensable. As the foundation of the real estate industry, housing development and construction can be seen everywhere in the rapid development of urban construction. Problems such as noise and excessive dust caused by construction on construction sites have become urgent problems for construction companies and related environmental protection departments.

For a long time, the noise and dust control measures on construction sites mainly include physical prevention and control measures such as more water spraying on the site, planting more trees around, and avoiding road hardening on the construction site. With the development of Internet of Things technology, promote construction noise The construction of the dust monitoring system, the establishment and improvement of relevant management systems, and the formulation of work measures to realize the digital control of the prevention and control of noise and dust pollution at the construction site, and timely and accurately reflect the noise dust pollution in key areas, key stages and key processes of building construction, and gradually become The environmental protection departments are an important means of adopting pollution prevention and control measures.

The noise and dust monitoring system is composed of a front-end data monitoring station, a communication server and an environmental monitoring cloud platform. It can conduct real-time online monitoring and early warning supervision of the construction site environment, and timely feedback the situation of construction site noise and dust.

Noise and dust monitoring station

The noise and dust monitoring station is equipped with PM2.5, PM10, noise, temperature, humidity, wind, wind speed, TSP, etc. This kind of environmental factor sensor basically covers the environmental monitoring elements required by various environmental protection departments; the standard 3M anti-corrosion pole, the box and the pole are connected by hoop, and the wind resistance is strong; it comes with a high-brightness LED display, which can display real-time information on the construction site. Numerical values u200bu200bsuch as noise and dust.

The monitoring system itself has a digital signal processing system, stable performance, anti-magnetic interference, lightning protection, and the monitoring station has a variety of signal output functions, supporting GPRS/4G , Ethernet and a 485 slave output, the communication mode can be selected according to the actual situation on the spot.

Dust cloud platform

According to industry requirements, our company has specially developed a dust cloud platform for dust environmental monitoring. The platform only connects to dust equipment, the interface is completely neutral, and it can display up to 16 Various environmental factors; it can receive all data uploaded in real time from the front-end monitoring station, and the data is abnormally exceeding the standard, and the warning is triggered immediately; the platform automatically stores historical monitoring data, alarm records and other information, can analyze the data, display it in the form of a curve, and analyze each environment The proportion of element alarm data helps managers to formulate more targeted work measures to prevent noise and dust pollution on the construction site.

Our company can help docking with the government environmental monitoring platform for free. Users only need to provide the government platform interface protocol; realize data sharing, which is convenient for the environmental protection department and the construction party to monitor and coordinate in real time Manage the environmental data of each construction site.

Support multiple terminal login methods such as computer web terminal, mobile APP, WeChat official account, etc., which is convenient for users to remotely log in to view and manage.

Intelligent linkage

The noise dust monitoring system also has the function of intelligent linkage fog cannon and other dust suppression equipment. When the value of PM2.5 or PM10 exceeds the standard, the system will send linkage commands to the relay. Turn on related equipment intelligently to reduce the content of particulate matter in the environment.

The application and popularization of the noise dust monitoring system facilitates the differentiated management of the dust pollution prevention and control of construction sites by local authorities. The level of noise and dust prevention and control work in the construction field helps to protect the blue sky and clear water.

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