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Briefly describe the application of pressure transmitter in water pressure monitoring of fire pipeline

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-27
Briefly describe the application of pressure transmitter in water pressure monitoring of fire pipeline
With the rapid development of the scale of the city, high-rise buildings are increasing day by day. On the one hand, high-rise buildings are large, multi-functional, complex, densely populated, and have many modern facilities. Once a fire occurs, it is prone to chimney and wind effects. The fire spreads rapidly and it is very difficult to put out the fire. On the other hand, in the use of high-rise buildings, the fire protection awareness of property management units is relatively weak, and it is often easy to overlook the management and maintenance of fire fighting systems such as fire water supply systems and sprinkler systems.

Currently, it is not possible to remotely monitor the pipeline water pressure of the fire fighting system in real time, making it difficult for the fire department to effectively supervise the fire fighting water pressure. As a result, some fire fighting systems are in a state of insufficient water pressure or even no water for a long time. Once a fire occurs, the fire fighting system cannot Achieving timely linkage, it is in vain, and the fire hazard is very serious, which will undoubtedly bring huge damage to the lives and property of the people. Moreover, in the actual situation, once the water pressure of the fire pipe is abnormal, the inspector will notify the fire department personnel to go to the scene for emergency repair after human discovery. The whole process takes a long time, and some fire pipe water pressure abnormalities cannot be detected in time. It is not easy for personnel to understand the cause of the abnormality, which delays the time to resolve the abnormality.

In order to effectively solve this hidden fire hazard, a fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring solution was developed to effectively monitor the water pressure of the fire-fighting pipeline and eliminate the hidden fire safety hazard in time.

The fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring solution consists of a pressure transmitter, a GPRS data collector, a fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring platform or a third-party monitoring platform. Install pressure transmitters at key parts of the building's fire-fighting pipeline to realize the pressure monitoring of the fire-fighting pipeline in the building. The monitoring data is transmitted to the fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring platform through GPRS communication to realize abnormal pressure data alarms, and conduct online monitoring and comprehensive analysis of the operation of the entire fire-fighting water system. It can quickly locate the fault points in the fire-fighting pipeline, and through SMS, WeChat, mailbox, etc. push alarm information to relevant management personnel, and promptly deal with fire-fighting pipeline failures or alarm problems, reducing hidden fire safety hazards and ensuring that the fire-fighting water system can play a real role in the event of a fire.

The pressure transmitter is located at the sensing layer of the fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring system. It is a key part of the water pressure information collection of the fire-fighting pipeline. The equipment uses a high-performance pressure-sensing chip with advanced circuit processing and temperature Compensation technology converts pressure changes into linear current or voltage signals. The product is small in size and easy to install. It uses a stainless steel shell to isolate and anti-corrosion. It is suitable for measuring media such as gases and liquids that are compatible with the material of the contact part. It can be used to measure gauge pressure, negative pressure and absolute pressure. In addition to measuring the water pressure in the fire-fighting pipeline, it is also suitable for the measurement of industrial site process control pressure. It is widely used in industrial fields such as water plants, oil refineries, sewage treatment plants, building materials, light industry, machinery, etc. Gas and steam pressure measurement.

After the pressure transmitter collects the data, it needs to upload the data to the monitoring platform through the GPRS data collector. GPRS data collector is a terminal device suitable for field equipment monitoring and control and wireless transmission via GPRS. It has 4 channels of analog signal acquisition, 4 channels of switch signal (or active signal) acquisition, and control of 2 channels of independent switches. Function (optional), the device is completely waterproof.

The fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring platform and third-party application platforms have real-time monitoring, alarm analysis, data query, APP monitoring and other functions to realize the monitoring point location, equipment type and equipment type of the fire-fighting pipeline water pressure monitoring system. Real-time monitoring of real-time data can also push real-time monitoring information and alarm information to managers through information terminals such as mobile phones, Pads, and computers to facilitate timely maintenance by staff and improve the safety and reliability of the entire fire protection system.

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