Rika Sensor is a weather sensor manufacturer and environmental monitoring solution provider with 10+ years of industry experience.

Can Rika Sensors provide anemometer installation video?
Of course. If you prefer the anemometer installation steps explained in the form of a video, Hunan Rika Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd would love to shoot an HD video to give installation guidance. In the video, our engineers will firstly introduce every part of the product and tell the formal name, which enables you to have a better understanding of every step. The explanation on the product disassembly and installation procedures are necessarily involved in the video. By watching our video, you can know the installation steps in an easier way.

Having surpassed a majority of the water sensor manufacturers, Rika Sensors still spares no efforts to be a player of great significance to the world. Rika Sensors produces a number of different product series, including soil sensor. Rika barometer has to undergo the following tests. These tests include dielectric withstand/hipot test, isolation resistance test, leakage current test, etc. Its built-in signal processing unit can correctly output a corresponding signal. It has an additional stain-resistant finish. If stains do start to appear, they can be washed out easily thanks to our special treatment. The design of this product can be customized according to needs.

We are environmentally responsible. We continuously improve our environmental impact by minimizing discharges to air, water, and land, reducing or eliminating waste, and minimizing energy consumption.
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