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Can the oil smoke sensor remove oil smoke?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-04
Can the oil smoke sensor remove oil smoke?
The answer is: Of course not.

When it comes to oil fume sensors, people who don’t know will think it is like a range hood, which has the function of extracting oil smoke. In fact, the oil smoke sensor does not mean to send away the oil smoke. Today, I will give you some popular science-oil smoke sensor.

The production and hazards of oil fume

The main source of oil fume is the kitchen, and a lot of oil fume is produced during the cooking process. These oil fume diffuses in the air and fills the entire environmental space. The function of the range hood is to extract these oil fume and discharge it into the outside air. The composition of oil fume is very complex, mainly including aldehydes, ketones, hydrocarbons, fatty acids, alcohols, aromatic compounds, esters, lactones, heterocyclic compounds, etc., including benzopyrene, volatile nitrosamines, and heterocyclic amines Compound etc. Household kitchens emit less oil fume, and the catering industry will produce a large amount of oil fume. If the standard is not met, it will be emitted. Excessive oil fume will cause oil fume pollution to the surrounding environment. Catering oil fume diffuses into the air in the form of smoke. PM2.5, PM10, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have become one of the main sources of urban pollution, which can easily cause respiratory diseases such as chronic pharyngitis, rhinitis, and tracheitis, which can be serious People's health is at risk.

The cooking fume produced by the catering industry has a large amount of pollution, a wide area, and strong low-altitude diffusion. It is an important source of urban PM2.5, and it is also a key national monitoring area. Therefore, the application of oil fume sensors has become a way for the catering industry.

Oil smoke sensor

Oil smoke sensor can also be called oil smoke monitor or oil smoke transmitter. Its main function is to monitor the concentration of oil smoke.

With the development of the catering industry, the direct emission of fume from the catering industry seriously affects the living environment of surrounding residents and causes continuous environmental disputes. The particle size distribution of oil fume particles is between 0.1-10 microns, which has the characteristics of small particle size and strong adhesion. The oil fume sensor adopts high-pressure adsorption method to collect oil fume, and calculates the concentration of oil fume quantitatively through the charge collection of the induction plate. To get the concentration of oil fume. The sensor can be directly installed in the oil fume exhaust pipe. Because the collection structure adopts a high temperature and humidity resistant coating, the collection probe can work in a high temperature environment above 80 degrees. The oil fume sensor is small in design and generally consists of a transmitter, a collection line and a sampling head. It is specially used to measure the concentration. Therefore, the oil fume sensor does not have the function of extracting oil fume.

The application of oil fume sensors in the catering industry

As I have been talking about, the main source of a large amount of oil fume is the catering industry. Although many catering industries use electricity or gas for cooking, there are also a few restaurants burning. Disperse coal or use violent fire stoves, this method will produce more oily smoke and cause greater pollution to the environment. According to the national regulations 'Emission Standards for Fume Pollutants in the Catering IndustryFume emission in the catering industry is concentrated in the three stages of morning, middle and evening, and the oil fume sensor can work continuously for 24 hours. Install it in the pipeline to monitor the concentration of the emitted fume indefinitely and provide decision-making information for the catering staff.

In addition, campus canteens, family kitchens, hotel kitchens, restaurant kitchens and other places, as well as some coal-fired construction sites, factory areas also need to use oil fume sensors to monitor the concentration.

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