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Carbon monoxide transmitter reminds you: Please pay attention to the safety of indoor barbecue

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-25
Carbon monoxide transmitter reminds you: Please pay attention to the safety of indoor barbecue
With the start of the 'Blue Sky Defense WarIn the past few years, due to the large demand in the barbecue market, open-air barbecues have been repeatedly banned, which has become a chronic disease of urban governance. At present, various cities and counties have successively issued relevant regulations prohibiting open-air barbecues, delimiting the scope of prohibited barbecue areas and increasing penalties. Almost all the open-air barbecue shops that were flooded in the streets and alleys have disappeared, replaced by a variety of indoor barbecues.

Although indoor barbecue reduces environmental pollution, it is also prone to other problems, such as carbon monoxide poisoning. Nowadays, most indoor barbecues use gas, kerosene, charcoal and other carbonaceous substances, which contain carbon. If the substance is not fully burned, carbon monoxide will be produced. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and toxic gas. It is difficult for us to intuitively judge its concentration. In addition, indoor barbecues are inherently poorly ventilated, which can easily cause carbon monoxide poisoning when combined. How can we prevent carbon monoxide poisoning when we are enjoying food? The editor here recommends the carbon monoxide transmitter developed and produced, which can accurately detect the concentration of carbon monoxide in the environment to protect your health and safety.

When the concentration of carbon monoxide is 1.3g/L, it will poison people. Carbon monoxide has a toxic effect on tissues and cells throughout the body, especially the cerebral cortex. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, in addition to the necessary ventilation. Also install a carbon monoxide transmitter.

The carbon monoxide transmitter adopts imported first-line brand chemical sensors. It has the characteristics of quick and sensitive response and strong anti-interference ability. After a unique compensation algorithm and multi-stage standard gas calibration, it also has the characteristics of long life, high precision, high repeatability and high stability. It is suitable for testing confined living places: agriculture Carbon monoxide concentration in greenhouses, production workshops, indoor barbecues, agricultural breeding and other environments.

The range of carbon monoxide transmitter has two options: 0-1000ppm (default) and 0-2000ppm. Other ranges can also be customized; the measurement accuracy is high, up to ±3%FS, and the repeatability can be Up to 2%; optional high-quality OLED display, the value can be directly viewed on site, and can be clearly displayed at night; especially in poorly ventilated kitchens, when the gas leaks to 150ppm to cause harm to the human body, the carbon monoxide transmitter will Alarm reminder.

Chemical sensors are mainly composed of two parts: conduction or conversion system. CO gas detection sensor based on carbon monoxide gas detection. It can detect the concentration of the dangerous gas CO exposed to the environment, and clearly read the gas concentration, peak value, and high and low concentration alarm levels. If the current high and low gas concentration values u200bu200bexceed the preset limit values, the alarm will alert the user through sound and light alarms.

Installation method:

1. The wall-mounted installation design is adopted, and the appearance is exquisite. Install screws on both sides, saving space and easy to use.

2. High-density material shell: The shell is made of high-density material, and the inside is sealed by a waterproof rubber strip, which has a significant moisture-proof effect.

3. Waterproof and breathable membrane: The high-quality waterproof and breathable membrane is used to ensure air circulation while waterproofing to ensure the accuracy of carbon monoxide measurement.

Although barbecue is very enjoyable, the barbecue itself should be eaten as little as possible from the perspective of nutritional value and food safety. If you really can’t help it, I suggest you do the following to reduce health hazards: 1. Choose a legal business environment with certain sanitary conditions and smooth ventilation, and try to avoid small barbecue stalls. 2. When processing semi-mature barbecue by yourself, you must ensure that it is cooked, but do not bake it. 3. If possible, reduce meat intake as much as possible and choose low-calorie foods and vegetables to ensure balanced nutrition.

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