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[Case Sharing] Application of Temperature and Humidity Recorder in Medical Storage

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-27
[Case Sharing] Application of Temperature and Humidity Recorder in Medical Storage
Pharmaceuticals are special products used by humans to prevent, treat, and diagnose diseases.

There are strict requirements on the temperature and humidity of the storage environment.

In particular, biological products such as insulin, vaccines, and blood that require refrigerated storage.

If the storage environment is not up to standard, it will seriously affect the quality of medicines.

Not only will it not be able to prevent and treat, but also Will delay the patient's condition.

According to 'Vaccine Storage and Transportation Management Regulations (2017 Edition)Launched the 'Automatic Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System for Medicine RefrigeratorsThe data is automatically uploaded to the monitoring platform at regular intervals, and it supports APP remote viewing, historical data curve viewing, data abnormal alarms and other functions. It fully meets the requirements of GSP and other related management regulations, which can effectively prevent possible safety risks during storage and ensure drug quality Safe.

Model of temperature and humidity recorder: RS-WS-4G-6

RS-WS-4G-6 is a temperature and humidity recorder based on 4G transmission. The SIM card of Zhang Mobile or China Unicom can upload the collected temperature and humidity data to the monitoring platform through the network base station, and the monthly flow is less than 30M.

Equipment features:

1. The equipment adopts large-screen LCD display, with dual control of temperature and humidity upper and lower limits, free setting of limits, and temperature/humidity calibration by password.

2. The equipment adopts 4G data transmission, with wide signal coverage, no field wiring and no distance limitation. It has the characteristics of fast speed, low cost, low power consumption, and excellent architecture.

3. The device has an integrated alarm function module (buzzer and relay), which can realize the sound and light alarm in ultra-high, low temperature, high and low humidity. It has 2 normally open contacts, which can be arbitrarily associated with alarm output.

4. The equipment adopts the original Swiss temperature and humidity measurement unit, which has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability, which ensures the excellent measurement performance of the product.

5. Built-in storage. When communication fails, the device can automatically store data. After communication is restored, it will automatically resume the saved data.

6. In order to adapt to the use of refrigerators, a flat probe line design is adopted, which can be in seamless contact with the refrigerator door sealing strip to ensure the refrigerator is sealed. The probe cable can be up to 30 meters long.

Equipment parameters:

Monitoring platform

In order to provide users with convenient services, a cold chain monitoring platform is specially developed, and temperature and humidity monitoring equipment is on site Later, users can connect without complicated network settings, saving on-site construction time.

The monitoring platform can monitor the location of monitoring points, device types, and real-time temperature and humidity data of the drug temperature and humidity monitoring system, and has large-screen visualization, real-time map viewing, historical data viewing, device linkage, account classification, and intelligent alarms And other functions, it is convenient for the staff to maintain in time, and improve the stability and reliability of the medicine storage environment.

1. Large-screen visualization

can visually display the environmental information, node information, equipment real-time status and equipment list of the measuring point.

2. Real-time map viewing

The map displays real-time device location, online status and data information.

3. Historical data query

You can query historical data for multiple time periods. You can select the corresponding time range and data type (hourly data, daily data, monthly data, quarterly data) for query according to your needs. The line chart and pie chart visually display the fluctuations in the time period, which is convenient for predicting future trends; the list displays specific data, and supports analysis and export of data.

4. Equipment linkage

can remotely control the on-off state of the relay through the platform.

5. Account classification

The platform supports account classification management. Multiple sub-accounts can be assigned to one main account. Different account levels have different operation/view permissions.

6. Smart alarms

support Platform interface alarms, SMS alarms and e-mail alarms, promptly notify management personnel that the temperature and humidity data in the medicine refrigerated cabinet exceeds the limit.

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