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Catering fume online monitoring platform

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-15
Catering fume online monitoring platform
Nowadays, people's understanding of cooking fume is no longer limited to peculiar smell. Studies have shown that the PM2.5 value of cooking fume from various catering sources is dozens of times higher than the atmospheric background value. Among them, the PM2.5 value of cooking fume only reaches 5659μg/m³. In addition, the volatile organic pollutants in the cooking fume It can also participate in atmospheric photochemical reactions and provide raw materials for the secondary generation of PM2.5.

In recent years, complaints about air pollution from cooking fume in Beijing and other cities once exceeded ⅓ of the total amount of air pollution complaints, which has also attracted the attention of many relevant departments. At the end of August 2019, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the 'Emission Standards for Fume Pollutants in the Catering Industry (Draft for Comment)

In addition, “the limit of oil fume exhaust pipes or purification facilities of catering service units is 1.0mg/m³” and the limit of non-methane total hydrocarbons is 10mg/m³”, which is the The most stringent standards for oil fume emission all indicate the determination to control catering oil fume.

To control oil fume pollution, the key is to grasp the two links of 'measurement' and 'controlAccelerated the new technology to promote the accurate monitoring of oil fume. At the same time, Gao Jian, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, believes that the monitoring of emission sources in the catering industry needs to be further subdivided and quantified.

Under the urgent need to control catering oil fume, Various places are promoting the installation of online catering oil fume systems. At present, China has a number of self-developed new technologies that can scientifically, stably and efficiently supervise the online monitoring equipment of catering oil fume and air pollutants.

Introduction to the catering oil fume monitoring system

The oil fume online environmental monitoring system is a high-performance system that integrates oil fume monitoring, data collection and data transmission developed by using IoT sensing technology and GPRS wireless communication technology to meet the special needs of the environmental protection industry. Online monitoring of oil fume emission concentration indicators for catering companies, so as to unify the operating condition data of oil fume control facilities and oil fume concentration data, and provide the Environmental Protection Agency with a direct, effective and true special oil fume monitoring equipment. The oil fume online monitoring system includes hardware The product and software configuration are composed of two parts. The hardware product oil fume online monitor can collect oil fume data and report it to the software configuration in real time. The software configuration refers to the catering oil fume online monitoring platform, which can be used by government departments at all levels to monitor oil fume data. Hours of real-time monitoring.

On-line oil fume monitor

Concentration, particulate matter concentration, non-methane total hydrocarbon (NMHC) concentration, fan and purifier operating status are measured 24 hours a day, and uploaded to the monitoring platform or government monitoring platform in time.

Online monitoring of catering oil fume Platform function introduction:

The catering oil fume online monitoring platform integrates the multi-element data of oil fume to realize centralized monitoring. The platform can realize real-time monitoring, easy to view, data exceeding alarms, and the platform has data recording functions, normal data and exceeding standards The data can also be classified and displayed. The platform can perform site ranking and statistical analysis of each device to provide strong evidence for the scheduling and decision-making of the competent departments at all levels. Below we will introduce in detail the functions of the catering oil fume online monitoring platform.

1. The screen visualization can visually display the information of the oil smoke in the area, the average value of the city factor, the real-time information of the equipment and the equipment list.

2, the electronic map display

can visually display all the oil smoke monitoring in the area Click, the list can quickly query the desired site. Move the mouse to a site to view the name of the site, click on a site to view real-time oil smoke monitoring data and basic site information , Parameter change trends, etc.

3. Real-time monitoring function

Collect real-time data of each site in time, and present the site conditions to users in a clean and intuitive manner through real-time monitoring and on-site monitoring functions. 4. Real-time data query function

can quickly find the site and select the parameter type to be viewed for data query. It is convenient to view the change curve of the recent parameter concentration, and analyze the data conveniently and quickly. 5. Single-point multi-parameter query

can query historical data of all monitoring sites in the jurisdiction. Select the corresponding time range and data type to query according to your needs. List specific data, support export and analysis.

6. Alarm query

The table displays all alarm events and supports the export function. You can also quickly search for alarm events by selecting the site and alarm type.

7. Site ranking

According to different parameters, the sites are ranked in ascending order according to the concentration of different parameters. The top 10 and the bottom 10 are clear at a glance, which simplifies the comparison link and makes it easier to manage. It can also provide the form of list, which can be exported. 8. Statistical analysis

to realize the system's statistics, comparison and analysis of existing data. The specific functional sub-modules are: comparison with the average value of the whole city, and year-on-year/month-on-month comparison of the monthly average. In order to meet different needs, the comparison provides two forms of histogram and pie chart, and supports the export function.

Catering oil fume management has entered a new stage of precise monitoring. Of course, purification equipment and purification technology will keep up with the monitoring. More and more innovative and efficient methods are used to realize the source of catering oil fume Governance.

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