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Catering oil fume monitoring system helps 'Blue Sky Defense'

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-03
Catering oil fume monitoring system helps 'Blue Sky Defense'
Fume from the catering industry is one of the main sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCS) and particulate matter in the atmosphere. Studies have shown that the particulate matter of cooking fume emitted from catering sources is mainly fine particulate matter, which directly contributes to PM2.5. Some of them also have peculiar smell, which directly affects the normal life of surrounding residents. In recent years, many urban catering oil fume air pollution complaints accounted for a high proportion of the total air pollution complaints, which has become a chronic problem that has never healed.

At an exchange meeting, Wan Bentai, the former chief engineer of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, introduced that part of the pollutants emitted by oil fume are particulate matter and the other part is VOC. Both pollutants are related to the overall situation of the 'Blue Sky Defense War'. 'The analysis results of air pollution sources in several cities show that oil fume accounts for about 5% of PM2.5 sources. In severely polluted weather conditions, oil fume may account for more. Therefore, it is time for oil fume to be controlled.'

In recent years, with the strengthening of environmental protection governance, the central, provincial and municipal governments are also constantly strengthening the installation of oil fume purifiers for catering operators, but there are still some problems and loopholes in supervision.

In order to make up for the existing loopholes in the catering industry in the monitoring of oil fume, and at the same time to facilitate the supervision of the supervision department, the catering oil fume monitoring system was launched. The system includes an oil fume detector and a real-time visualization platform for oil fume monitoring, which can realize 24-hour real-time monitoring. Supervisors can check whether the fume emission of the catering enterprise meets the standard in real time in the monitoring room.

(Topological diagram of the oil fume monitoring system)

The oil fume detector

The concentration is continuously measured for 24 hours; the pump suction type oil fume on-line detector (RS-LB-300-*) adopts a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, and the full Chinese interface is easy to understand; built-in PeopleSoft special sensors can accurately analyze oil fume Concentration, particle concentration, more accurate monitoring, large-capacity storage of data, and will not be affected by the large amount of steam generated in the kitchen steamer, basket, etc., and the monitoring is more accurate; reasonable gas path design, advanced oil and gas separation device, It can achieve long-term operation and maintenance-free, and can be maintained once every six months at the longest.

(Pump suction type oil fume on-line detector)

The oil fume on-line detector is designed with 2 current detections, which can detect whether the fan and purifier are working at the same time , The detection current alarm value can be set according to the power of the fan and purifier, which is suitable for fans and purifiers of all powers; using open-type current transformers, it can be measured without cutting the fan or purifier cables; the oil fume online monitor can pass 4G /GPRS method to upload data to the monitoring software cloud platform.

The real-time visualization platform for oil fume monitoring-the cloud platform for oil fume monitoring

Alert SMS or emails can be pushed to designated contacts. At the same time, the platform has a data recording function. Normal data and over-standard data can also be classified and displayed; the platform can perform site ranking and data statistical analysis for each device, providing powerful scheduling and decision-making for competent departments at all levels Support. Using the oil fume online monitoring system, law enforcement officers can carry out dynamic and remote monitoring of oil fume emissions without having to inspect one by one, greatly improving the accuracy of supervision and the efficiency of law enforcement.

(Oil fume monitoring cloud platform)

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