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Catering oil fume monitoring system, making oil fume supervision intelligent

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-03
Catering oil fume monitoring system makes oil fume supervision intelligent
It’s the midsummer, and the restaurants all over the streets and alleys bring convenience to everyone. A few barbecues, a few dishes of stir-fried dishes, and crayfish are simply a 'late night canteen' in summer. Although the food court is the 'standard' in summer, lampblack is not!

The “long-term cure” of catering oil fume has always been one of the important issues that plagued environmental protection departments. Due to the many loopholes and deficiencies in traditional supervision methods, it is impossible to solve the problems of oil fume pollution and oil fume disturbance from the root cause. Beginning in 2016, driven by strong regulatory requirements and various policies, catering oil fume monitoring systems have been introduced in many places, which can be connected to government platforms and can easily monitor catering oil fume without going to the door, which solves many of the previous supervisions. The loopholes have effectively improved the air quality in the city.

What is an oil fume monitoring system

The oil fume monitoring system is a system that integrates oil fume monitoring, data collection and data transmission developed by the use of Internet of Things sensing technology and GPRS wireless communication technology. In order to meet the needs of the environmental protection industry, online monitoring of the oil fume emission concentration indicators of catering companies can be carried out to unify the operating condition data of the oil fume treatment facilities and the oil fume concentration data, and provide special oil fume monitoring equipment for the oil fume emission status.

The oil fume monitoring system based on Internet + sensors and communication technology solves the problem of many and scattered catering companies, which cannot timely count the emission concentration, the cleanliness of the purifier, and whether the emission process is purified or not.

In response to the country's supervision of cooking fume in the catering industry, many people choose to use pump-suction oil fume online monitors. It can measure the oil fume concentration, particulate matter concentration, and non-methane total hydrocarbon (NMHC) concentration of the kitchen exhaust pipe for 24 hours uninterruptedly. Its features are as follows:

①Real-time monitoring of oil fume concentration, particulate matter concentration, and non-methane total hydrocarbon concentration, and set the upper limit value, and automatically alarm when the limit is exceeded.

②Detect whether the fan and purifier are working at the same time, and set the detection current alarm value according to the size of the fan and purifier. Some detectors will use a four-open current transformer, which can be measured without cutting the fan or purifier cable.

③ Independent working time period can be set, alarm for over limit within the time period, and no alarm for over limit outside the time period.

④It can be connected to a remote monitoring platform to monitor and monitor data in real time.

⑤High protection level, can work outdoors.

How to realize online oil fume monitoring

Simply put, install the oil fume detector behind the oil fume purifier of the catering unit. After the configuration is completed, the device will transmit the data to the system, and access the system through a computer or mobile phone. It can realize on-line monitoring of oil fume.

The oil fume monitoring system can accurately collect the oil fume emission concentration of catering enterprises, as well as the on-site purifiers, the operating status of the fans, the operating state of the pipe wind speed and other parameters for 24-hour monitoring.

The cloud platform integrates multi-element data on site to achieve centralized monitoring; it can achieve real-time monitoring, easy to view, alarms when data exceeds the standard, and can push alarm messages or emails to designated contacts. At the same time, the platform has Data recording function, normal data and over-standard data can also be classified and displayed; the platform can perform site ranking and data statistical analysis for each device, and provide strong support for the scheduling and decision-making of the competent departments at all levels.

The oil fume online monitoring system enables law enforcement officers to conduct dynamic and remote monitoring of oil fume emissions without having to inspect one by one, greatly improving the accuracy of supervision and the efficiency of law enforcement.

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