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Centralized supervision of cold chain food? Temperature and humidity monitoring system to help

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-05
Centralized supervision of cold chain food? Temperature and humidity monitoring system to help
Recently, imported cold chain foods have caused epidemics in many places in China. In order to prevent the importation of the epidemic, the Jinan Municipal Government officially issued the 'Notice on Activating the Special Warehouse for the Centralized Supervision of Imported Cold Chain Food in Jinan' on December 2 The quarantine certificate, cargo list, disinfection record certificate and other relevant materials will be included in the centralized supervision and special warehouse management. After the nucleic acid test and the complete disinfection pass, the warehouse can be released.

In the current society, the Internet of Things is developing rapidly, and all kinds of materials are transported around the world. The transportation distance is long and the time is long. Therefore, in order to ensure that the products are fresh and not deteriorated during transportation, cold chain transportation is adopted to ensure the quality of the products. The cold storage is of great significance as the operating hub of the cold chain transportation.

Moreover, the production and processing of frozen and refrigerated food, as well as the various links of transportation and storage, have extremely high requirements for temperature and humidity control. In the middle, due to the need for handover, the fluctuation of temperature caused by environmental changes, once it exceeds the control range It is easy to cause changes in food quality. Therefore, real-time monitoring of the food transportation and storage environment has become a necessary means to ensure food quality.

Food cold storage environment monitoring system

caters to the general trend of intelligent and unmanned storage, rational use of intelligent temperature control equipment, information recognition system, automatic temperature control system and other intelligent applications to create a food cold storage environment The monitoring system can conduct real-time remote monitoring of the cold storage through real-time data collection, upload, analysis, and storage.

The composition of the food cold storage monitoring system

1. Temperature and humidity transmitter: monitors the temperature and humidity data in the cold storage, the measurement range is 0-40℃, -70-0℃, and the range is optional. The maximum allowable error is ±0.5°C, and the measurement accuracy is high to prevent food quality problems caused by temperature changes.

2. Infrared detector: High-stability passive infrared detector, when an intruder enters, automatically detects human activities in the area and alarms, effectively ensuring the safety of the cold storage.

3. Power failure alarm; automatically identify the external power grid and perform power failure detection, once the power is off, immediately alarm.

4. Sound and light alarm: When the data exceeds the limit, a sound and light alarm will be issued to notify the manager.

5. Environmental monitoring host: data is collected and uploaded to the environmental monitoring platform, supporting multiple data transmission methods such as RS485, Ethernet, and GPRS. At the same time, it has the function of data storage after power failure, and data upload after power supply is restored.

Cloud platform

The environmental monitoring cloud platform can view various data such as temperature and humidity of a warehouse in real time, and analyze the data. The platform can support computer and mobile APP You can log in to view management in multiple ways, and you can remotely log in to control the operation of the equipment and the settings of related parameters; you can also connect to a monitoring camera to monitor the conditions in the cold storage in real time. The platform can query historical data and data export function, which is convenient for later use.

Advantages of food cold storage temperature and humidity monitoring system

24-hour monitoring: The monitoring equipment collects the temperature and humidity values u200bu200bin the cold storage in real time for 24 hours, and automatically uploads the data to the cloud platform at regular intervals. The administrator can remotely monitor through the cloud platform.

Intelligent alarm: The device can set the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity. Once the data exceeds the limit or the mains power is cut off, the sound and light alarm will immediately alarm, and send alarm information to the manager through the platform, SMS, ringing, etc.; At the same time, the relevant equipment performs refrigeration and other processing.

Historical data storage: Automatically store all received historical data and over-limit alarm records. The platform data can be stored for two years. It supports data curve analysis and export. The export format supports TXT, PDF, Excel format, and can be printed.

Due to the imbalance between domestic supply and demand, we can only meet the growing domestic consumer demand through imports. A one-size-fits-all ban on the import of cold chain food will inevitably lead to chaos in the domestic market, so we can only pass the relevant import inspection and quarantine department Strictly check the inspections and isolate the virus to the greatest extent possible. At the same time, we must strengthen the awareness of food safety prevention from a scientific point of view, and do not panic too much.

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