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Characteristics of gas sensors

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-08

A gas sensor is a converter that converts a certain gas volume fraction into a corresponding electrical signal. The detection head regulates the gas sample through the gas sensor, which usually includes filtering out impurities and interfering gases, drying or refrigerating the display part of the instrument.

From the working principle, characteristic analysis to measurement technology, from the materials used to the manufacturing process, from the test object to the application field, it can constitute a separate classification standard, deriving a complicated classification system, especially in the classification standard There is no uniformity on the issue, and it is quite difficult to carry out a strict system classification. Next, let’s take a look at the main characteristics of the gas sensor.

Characteristics of gas sensor:

1. Stability

Stability refers to the stability of the basic response of the sensor during the entire working time, which depends on the zero drift and interval drift. Zero drift refers to the change in sensor output response during the entire working time when there is no target gas. Interval drift refers to the output response change of the sensor continuously placed in the target gas, which is manifested as the decrease of the sensor output signal during the working time. Ideally, a sensor under continuous working conditions, the annual zero drift is less than 10%.

2, sensitivity

Sensitivity refers to the ratio of the sensor output change to the measured input change, and it mainly depends on the technology used in the sensor structure. The design principles of most gas sensors use biochemistry, electrochemistry, physics and optics. The first thing to consider is to choose a sensitive technology that has sufficient sensitivity for the detection of the target gas's valve limit (TLV-thresh-oldlimitvalue) or the percentage of the lower explosive limit (LEL-lowerexplosivelimit).

3, optional

Selectivity is also called cross sensitivity. It can be determined by measuring the sensor response produced by a certain concentration of interfering gas. This response is equivalent to the sensor response produced by a certain concentration of target gas. This characteristic is very important in the application of tracking multiple gases, because cross-sensitivity will reduce the repeatability and reliability of the measurement. The ideal sensor should have high sensitivity and high selectivity.

4, anti-corrosion

Corrosion resistance refers to the ability of the sensor to be exposed to a high volume fraction of target gas. When a large amount of gas leaks, the probe should be able to withstand 10-20 times the expected gas volume fraction. Under normal working conditions, the sensor drift and zero point correction value should be as small as possible. The basic characteristics of gas sensors, namely sensitivity, selectivity and stability, are mainly determined by the choice of materials. Choose appropriate materials and develop new materials to optimize the sensitivity characteristics of the gas sensor.

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