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'Chip shortage?!' The temperature and humidity recorder also has something to say

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-27
'Chip shortage?!' The temperature and humidity recorder also has something to say
Since 2020, no one would have thought that the semiconductor market would usher in a shortage of chips. According to the current international situation of chips, the shortage of global chips has caused tight production lines in industries such as automobiles, mobile phones, and computers, while also squeezing the inventories of electronic product manufacturers. Under the background that the shortage of chips has become the norm, how to ensure that the existing electronic product raw materials are used in production and manufacturing normally, the temperature and humidity of the electronic product storage environment are critical.

According to statistics, the world’s annual industrial manufacturing defective products are related to the temperature and humidity of the storage environment. For example, electrolytic capacitors have different standards of 85°C and 105°C. Too high or low temperature will shorten the service life; if the humidity in the air is too high, water molecules will penetrate into the interior through the plastic package, causing moisture absorption. Therefore, a temperature and humidity recorder that monitors the environmental temperature and humidity with high precision can ensure that electronic products can be operated and stored under constant temperature and dry conditions.

RS-WS-WIFI-C3 series temperature and humidity recorder, using a large LCD screen display, using the established WIFI communication network to upload directly to the mobile phone WeChat, convenient to view data anytime and anywhere; internal integrated alarm module (buzzer Or relay), realize high, low temperature or high and low humidity alarm function; adopt the original temperature and humidity measurement unit imported from Switzerland to ensure high-precision measurement of temperature and humidity; realize functions such as temperature and humidity upper and lower limits, and temperature and humidity calibration by password. It is widely used in flower houses, laboratories, breeding, greenhouse planting and other fields.

Features of the WIFI temperature and humidity recorder:

1. WIFI wireless data transmission

Compared with the traditional RS485 equipment, there is no need for on-site wiring, just connect the equipment with The wireless WIFI network connection on the site can directly upload real-time data to the mobile phone WeChat, which greatly reduces the amount of construction and maintenance costs.

2. Free WeChat platform

adopts AIRKISS WIFI Internet technology, users no longer need to download third-party APP software, only need to open WeChat scan, one-click to connect to WIFI, device binding, configuration, Transfer data. Users can follow the 'Shandong PeopleSoft Equipment Platform' WeChat official account, through the WeChat official account to set the upper and lower limits of the device's temperature and humidity data, offline judgment time interval, SMS alarm interval, manager information, etc., regardless of time Location restrictions, real-time check the temperature and humidity values u200bu200bin the room.

3. Built-in lithium battery, low power consumption, long battery life

The WIFI-C3 temperature and humidity transmitter is equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery, which can be used continuously for 4 months after a single charge Above; you can also use the mobile phone charger to continuously power it to avoid the inability to detect temperature and humidity due to shutdown due to no power.

4. Various alarm methods

The internal integrated alarm module (buzzer or relay), when there is high, low temperature or high, low humidity, in addition to SMS alarm, email alarm, telephone alarm In addition to other methods, the WeChat platform will also send platform alerts to users so that users can take timely measures such as cooling, heating, humidification or dehumidification to solve problems.

5. Multi-device sharing

Support multiple people to bind a device, the owner can share the device management authority to multiple people, and realize the multi-person management and monitoring of the device.

Do a good job of monitoring and controlling the temperature and humidity of electronic components and products, which can prevent the current 'chip shortage' dilemma from getting worse at the source. Whether it is electronic components or produced electronic products, the temperature and humidity of the storage environment directly determines their service life and product quality. Equipping a high-precision monitoring temperature and humidity recorder in the storage room can effectively reduce the production of electronic products Cost.

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