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Classification and application of pressure sensors in the chemical industry

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-26
Classification and application of pressure sensors in the chemical industry
As one of the pillar industries of my country's national economy, the chemical industry is currently in a period of growth and development. As the chemical industry tends to be standardized and intelligent, corresponding chemical sensors are playing an increasingly important role in the chemical industry.

1. Classification of pressure sensors

In the chemical industry, the commonly used chemical sensors are pressure sensors. There are many types of pressure sensors according to different needs: according to the measurement objects, they can be divided into three types: absolute pressure sensors, gauge pressure sensors and differential pressure sensors; according to the production structure of the bellows, they can be divided into ordinary sensors and isolated types Two kinds of sensors. We must make a reasonable selection of the sensor based on environmental conditions, application conditions, installation conditions and other factors.

1. Divided by measurement object

In the field of pressure measurement, there are many applications in the field of pressure measurement are medium and low gauge pressure sensors, medium and high gauge pressure sensors, absolute pressure sensors and medium and low gauge pressure single flange diaphragm seals. Type sensor. According to the different measurement installation methods, the sensor can be further divided into two types: pipeline direct connection installation and pressure guiding tube pressure installation. In the small pressure state, because the direct measurement of the pressure may lead to the appearance of unstable fluctuations, it is more reasonable to choose a differential pressure sensor when measuring the small pressure not higher than 500Pa.

2. The structure is made according to the bellows.

Ordinary transmitters have only one measuring bellows, which can directly sense the pressure or differential pressure of the measured medium: isolated transmitters except those with ordinary transmitters The inner membrane, as well as the outer membrane box that directly senses pressure, transmits the pressure felt by the outer mold to the inner membrane through a stable liquid, thereby obtaining the pressure measurement value. According to the different installation methods, the isolated transmitter is divided into It is a one-piece direct installation type and a remote installation sealed type. According to different environmental conditions, application conditions, installation conditions and other factors, the selection of the transmitter also has different requirements.

2. Sensor selection for several special working conditions

1. High temperature environment

In high temperature environment, the temperature of the measuring medium is higher, and the temperature of the process will often exceed the normal operation of the sensor Range, and the temperature cannot be adjusted to the normal range through the pressure guiding tube or the installation isolating membrane. Then you can choose far, the transmission type sensor uses capillary pressure to prevent the sensor from being subjected to high temperature and destroying the performance of the electronic components.

2. High-viscosity working environment that is easy to crystallize

Once the medium leaves the process equipment, crystallization is easy to occur. If crystallization occurs or the viscosity of the medium is too large, it is easy to cause blockage of the pressure guiding tube, not only The need to clean up and dredge will bring a greater workload, and will also cause unstable measurement results. In this case, it is generally suitable to choose an isolated sensor. If the crystallization phenomenon is more serious, you need to choose a convex diaphragm type sensor to directly obtain the temperature of the medium by inserting the pressure-sensitive diaphragm directly into the inside of the device.

3. Corrosive working environment

Corrosive working conditions generally refer to the corrosiveness of environmental conditions and the corrosiveness of application working conditions. If the pressure guiding tube is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, it is best to use an ordinary differential pressure sensor. In a corrosive working environment, there are also certain requirements for the material of the sensor. The most important ones are the diaphragm and wetted material, flange material and shell material, etc. The diaphragm and wetted material should be selected according to the different chemical characteristics of the medium , The concentration and temperature of the medium are different, and the requirements for the sensor material are also different. Flange-connected sensors generally have carbon steel, 304SST, and 316SST three materials to choose from. Because the flange is not directly connected to liquid, carbon steel can generally be used in consideration of economic factors. Sensor housing materials generally include aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Aluminum alloy is more economical in non-corrosive environments. If it is in a corrosive environment, stainless steel is more suitable.

3. Conclusion

Sensors are widely used in the chemical industry. In the selection, the chemical characteristics of the application environment need to be specifically combined, and comprehensive factors such as temperature, concentration, and corrosiveness must be fully considered, and then the economy will be measured. The most reasonable sensor type is selected to make it better for chemical production activities.

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