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Cold chain monitoring system based on GPRS wireless communication technology

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-15
Cold chain monitoring system based on GPRS wireless communication technology

GPRS (general packet radio service) is the abbreviation of General Packet Radio Service. This technology is based on the GSM network and is called the 2.5 generation mobile communication technology, which closely combines wireless communication with the Internet.

The GPRS-based remote data acquisition system is a wide-area wireless IP access method provided by China Mobile’s GPRS wireless communication network system, which transmits industrial and civilian data information in real time to centralized data monitoring on the Internet And the management center to realize the collection and transmission of remote data, and the unified management and control of the monitored equipment.

Currently, remote data acquisition systems usually have two forms: a remote data acquisition system that sends information through a wired network and a remote data acquisition system that sends information directly through GPRS wireless mode. Transmission of data through the telephone line wired network, because each dialing requires waiting, the speed is slow, and the cost is also high. At the same time, due to the wide distribution of the monitoring points, the large number, and the long distance, some points are still remote, and some collection points are difficult to reach by wired lines. The use of this form can no longer meet the system's real-time requirements; GPRS has fast speed and use Features such as low cost, and its transmission speed can reach 171.2kb/s. Compared with wired communication, the use of GPRS wireless communication has the advantages of flexible networking, easy expansion, low operating costs, simple maintenance, and high cost performance.

Since GPRS is more suitable for applications with small data volume and high real-time requirements, the simple and efficient communication transmission method and wide-area wireless IP access platform provided by the GPRS network are used. Almost all low-to-medium rate long-distance data transmission services can be constructed. At present, GPRS technology has been widely used in remote data collection. For example, cold chain logistics...

With the progress of the times and the development of economy and technology, the corresponding cold chain logistics industry is also developing simultaneously, and then higher requirements are put forward for cold chain warehousing and transportation. Cold chain monitoring is an important part of it. However, the complexity of cold chain logistics determines that it is impossible for people to conduct real-time on-site monitoring. This will not only waste a lot of human resources, but also not easy to early warning.

According to the 'China Cold Chain Logistics Industry Market Outlook and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report' released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute, the scale of my country's cold chain logistics market reached 180 billion yuan in 2015, a year-on-year increase of 20 %; As of 2017, the market size of my country's cold chain logistics reached 255 billion yuan.

Although my country’s cold chain goods market is showing a sustained and steady growth, overall, there is still a big gap between my country’s cold chain logistics development and European and American countries. Insufficient infrastructure of cold chain logistics is one of the main reasons for this situation.

Nowadays, the cold chain monitoring system used in the market is a cold chain logistics intelligent monitoring system based on GPRS and GPS, including a vehicle monitoring terminal and the vehicle monitoring terminal connected through a GPRS network Monitoring center; characterized in that: the vehicle monitoring terminal includes a vehicle monitoring module installed in the cockpit of a cold chain transport vehicle and an item monitoring module installed in the cold chain transport compartment; the item monitoring module includes a cold chain identification module Item RFID equipment for transporting items in the carriage. The vehicle monitoring module includes a vehicle monitoring controller, a positioning module for collecting positioning information, a GPRS module for data transmission, and a vehicle RFID device for collecting vehicle transportation information; positioning module, GPRS The module and the vehicle RFID equipment are electrically connected to the vehicle monitoring controller. The item information collected and identified by the item RFID equipment can be transmitted to the vehicle monitoring controller to be received and stored by the vehicle monitoring controller; the vehicle monitoring controller will position information and driving Status information, vehicle transportation information, and item information are transmitted to the monitoring center through the GPRS network, and the monitoring center receives and stores the location information, driving status information, vehicle transportation information, and item information of cold chain transportation vehicles.

With the rapid development of the Internet, which promotes the rapid development of the Internet of Things, information technologies such as RFID, GPS, and GPRS are widely used in cold chain logistics to improve the informatization level of cold chain logistics. The application of these information technologies can make the transportation management process of cold chain logistics 'transparent

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