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Cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring system helps build an immune barrier

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-26
Cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring system helps build an immune barrier
According to data released by the National Health Commission on May 8, as of May 7, my country's vaccination has reached 30.822 million doses of vaccination work has entered a critical period.

With the continuous advancement of vaccination work, the scope of vaccination population continues to expand, and the citizens' vaccination needs are constantly increasing. Since the launch of vaccination work in my country, relevant state departments have continuously strengthened the refined management and various guarantees of the entire process of vaccine production, transportation, and vaccination to ensure vaccine quality and mass vaccination safety.

Zhejiang Province has recently launched a vaccine production smart supervision system and a full-chain traceability system. The data warehouse installed in the enterprise can realize the intelligent supervision of key parameters such as the company's raw materials and production processes. For vaccines entering the storage link, temperature measurement and check-in are performed every 6 hours. Even during the cold chain loading and transportation process, data such as temperature and route will be automatically uploaded and monitored in real time.

Today, the editor will tell you how to realize real-time monitoring of the entire cold chain of vaccines. Please listen carefully.

Cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring system

Vaccines are special medicines that are sensitive to temperature. Excessively high or low temperatures may affect the quality of the vaccine. Once the temperature is not up to the standard during storage and transportation, the vaccine will be Must be destroyed. Therefore, there are strict temperature requirements in vaccine transportation and storage.

The designed vaccine cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring system satisfies the real-time monitoring and recording of temperature and humidity information during vaccine transportation and storage. The cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring system is composed of an embedded temperature and humidity recorder and a cloud platform. During transportation, the temperature and humidity recorder can upload the real-time temperature and humidity value and location in the refrigerated vehicle where the vaccine is located through GPRS/4G. To the cloud platform to realize real-time monitoring of the temperature and route of the vaccine.

Cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring system function

Real-time monitoring: The built-in temperature recorder has a built-in Swiss original temperature and humidity measurement unit, which has excellent measurement performance and strong anti-interference ability, and can automatically store vaccines The temperature changes within the environment are monitored. The data storage and upload interval can be set during the operation of the recorder. Both of these storage time intervals are factory defaulted to 1 minute, but the device supports settings between 0 and 1999 minutes.

Built-in storage: The recorder has a built-in large storage chip that can store 65,000 sets of data. Even if the device signal is interrupted during transportation, the data can also be stored in the device to ensure the integrity of the temperature and humidity data during the vaccine storage process.

Route query: The recorder has GPS automatic positioning function, which can directly interact with satellites to obtain the current latitude and longitude and accurate time. Whether in vaccine delivery or after vaccine delivery is completed, vaccine manufacturers, consignees or supervisory departments can log in to the cloud platform and view the real-time and historical transportation trajectories of the transportation vehicles through the map.

When the vehicle arrives at the destination, the transport personnel can directly connect the 4G embedded temperature recorder to the printer via Bluetooth, print the temperature and humidity data of the whole transportation process and hand it over to the consignee together with the goods.

Over-limit alarm: Most vaccines are required to be stored in an environment of 2~8℃. Once the temperature and humidity of the vaccine storage environment exceed or fall below this limit, the device will trigger an over-limit alarm, sound and light in place At the same time as the alarm, the temperature limit information will be sent in the form of text messages to the added 1~5 related responsible persons. Various alarm methods ensure that relevant measures are taken in time to ensure the safety of the vaccine.

The current global situation is still grim, with explosive growth in many countries, timely vaccinations and building a domestic immune barrier are not only protecting themselves, protecting their families, and protecting others, but also contributing to global prevention and control.

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