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Common types of infrared detectors on the market

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-08
Common types of infrared detectors on the market
Infrared detectors have many applications in many aspects of our country. There are many applications in the civil field of security, fire protection, electric power, construction, medical and other industries. Among them, the field of security is more widely used. The reason why infrared detectors are so popular in the security industry is naturally inseparable from its special working principle.

Any object higher than absolute zero will emit infrared rays. The higher the temperature, the shorter the peak wavelength of infrared radiation. Infrared detectors work by detecting infrared rays emitted by the human body. The detector collects infrared radiation from the outside and then gathers it on the infrared sensor. Infrared sensors usually use pyroelectric elements. When this element receives infrared radiation and changes in temperature, it will release electric charges and generate an alarm after detection and processing.

In simple terms, infrared detectors detect moving objects with temperature. For example, a human body will be detected when passing through the protective area of u200bu200bthe infrared detector, and then it will be converted into an alarm signal and sent to the receiving host, thereby generating Call the police.

With the different needs of infrared detectors, gradually, infrared detectors have split into several products with different detection directions and areas to meet different needs of the environment. Let’s briefly introduce them below. Infrared detection is divided into several types of products based on different working directions.

1. Infrared wide-angle detector

This type of detector is our beginning, and it is also a primitive-level detector with many applications. It is wall-mounted and has a large detection range. It is suitable for installation in the living room, in front of the door and other places.

2. Infrared Ceiling Detector

As the name suggests, this type of detector is ceiling-mounted, with a cone-shaped detection range, and it also has an ultra-wide detection range. The same applies to places such as the living room and kitchen.

3. Infrared curtain detectors

This type of detector is mainly suitable for surface detection areas such as windows. Its detection range is in a surface shape and is suitable for installation in windows and other places.

Infrared dual-sensor detectors

Like this kind of dual-sensor detectors, a microwave detection is usually added to the infrared detection function to ensure the accuracy of detection.

Security is no small matter. With the continuous improvement of intruder anti-reconnaissance technical means, the requirements for infrared detectors are getting higher and higher. It has always been the main goal of security to reduce the false alarm rate of detectors, which will improve the stability of detectors. As the direction of our efforts, we developed a ceiling-mounted infrared detector.

RS-HW-N01 ceiling infrared detector is a high-stability passive infrared detector. Using advanced signal analysis and processing technology, it has super high detection and anti-false alarm performance. When an intruder passes through the detection area, the detector will automatically detect the activities of the human body in the area. If there is dynamic movement, an alarm will be generated.

Features of ceiling-mounted infrared detectors

1. Ceiling-mounted installation is adopted. The installation height is between 2.5~6m. When the installation height is 3.6m, a detection range of 6m in diameter is formed. .

2. 360° full coverage, comprehensive prevention, no dead angle detection, forming a cone-shaped space from top to bottom, comprehensive prevention and control.

3. The device uses an 8-bit low-power CMOS processor inside the device, adopts advanced signal analysis and processing technology, and is equipped with a high-performance sensor signal processing integrated circuit, which has ultra-high detection and anti-false alarm performance.

4. It has the function of anti-RFI interference (20~1000MHZ, such as mobile communication).

5. The equipment has an automatic temperature compensation function. It works in an environment with a temperature between -10°C and 50°C and a relative humidity ≤95% without condensation.

6. It has the functions of alarm delay and delayed alarm. In specific use, the user can adjust the alarm duration to 30s, 10s or 5s according to the situation; the delayed alarm can be set and modified through the management software.

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