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Common ways to upload weather station data

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-23
Common ways to upload weather station data
Meteorology is closely related to our lives and directly affects the development of various industries such as railways, aviation, agriculture, and industry. Therefore, the acquisition of meteorological data is very important.

A weather station is a device that can automatically collect, process, store or transmit weather information. The meteorological data collected by the weather station must be transmitted to the data application department in a timely, rapid and accurate manner. At present, there are two commonly used methods: wired data transmission and wireless transmission.

1. Wired transmission method

1. RS485 transmission

is connected by a cable between the collector and the display terminal, and the performance is very reliable in short-distance data transmission. RS-485 uses balanced transmission and differential reception, so it has the ability to suppress common mode interference. In addition, the bus transceiver has high sensitivity and can detect voltages as low as 200mV, so the transmission signal can be recovered from kilometers away. In theory, the longest transmission distance of RS485 can reach 1200 meters, and the highest data transmission rate is: 10Mbps. , But the transmission distance in practical applications is also different due to the transmission characteristics of the chip and cable.

2. Ethernet data transmission

Ethernet is a computer local area network technology. The IEEE 802.3 standard organized by the IEEE establishes the technical standard for Ethernet, which specifies the content of the physical layer connection, electronic signal and media access layer protocol. Ethernet is currently the most commonly used local area network technology. Relying on the cable connection between the collector and the display terminal, unlike the RS485 connection, an optical fiber link is added between the collector's communication serial port and the user's display terminal serial port.

Second, wireless transmission method

1, GPRS data transmission

GPRS is a high-efficiency way of data transmission based on packet switching. It is the English abbreviation of General Packet Radio service. It is a transitional industry from 2G to 3G, and a new bearer service developed on the GSM system. The purpose is to provide GSM users with packet-based data services. It is especially suitable for intermittent, sudden, frequent, and small amount of data transmission, and it is also suitable for occasional large data transmission.

Using GPRS for data transmission has the following characteristics:

(1) Wide access range

GPRS is an upgrade of the existing GSM network, which can charge the use of nationwide telecommunications networks, and can be used in a wide range Provide remote access network deployment for user data terminals.

(2) High transmission rate

The theoretical bandwidth of GPRS can reach 171.2kb/s, and the actual application bandwidth is about 40~100kb/s. It can fully meet the needs of user applications.

(3) Fast login

The GPRS access waiting time is short, and the connection can be established quickly.

(4) Always online

Users keep in touch with the network at any time, even if there is no data transmission terminal, they always keep in touch with the network, which makes access to the service simple and fast.

(5) Charge by flow rate

The user only occupies wireless resources during the period of sending or receiving data, and charges according to the flow rate for the user to receive and send data. When there is no data flow transfer, no billing.

In the data transmission mode of the weather station, the corresponding connection mode can be selected according to different situations. The wired transmission method is suitable for short-distance connections. Once installed, this method only needs to pay for the cable cost, which has the advantage of stable data transmission. The wireless transmission method has the characteristics of strong transmission capacity, long transmission distance, large coverage area, strong expandability, and low cost. It has obvious advantages in uninhabited areas such as mountains, islands, and deserts. It is fully automated and does not require personnel to work around the clock.

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