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Compared with traditional firefighting, what are the advantages of smart firefighting system?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-31
Compared with traditional firefighting, what are the advantages of smart firefighting system?
With the rapid development of urban construction, urban fire safety risks continue to rise, urban high-rises, super high-rise buildings and large-scale buildings are increasing, and building fire safety problems are becoming more and more prominent. At the same time, the lack of fire safety management, the lack of awareness of fire safety by the person in charge of key fire safety units, the limited number of personnel in the fire safety supervision and management department, and the inability to fully carry out fire safety inspections, resulting in many problems in fire safety management at this stage. The main manifestations are :

1. It is difficult to supervise the fire protection of key fire safety units;

2. Super high-rise buildings have high requirements for fire safety management;

3. The unit’s own fire safety management level is low;

4, the amount of fire control supervision is huge, and the personnel strength is seriously insufficient;

5, the public’s fire safety awareness is weak, the self-prevention and self-rescue ability is poor, and the members of the society jointly prevent and control risks The concept of fire protection has not yet formed;

6. Although the fire safety situation is generally stable, major fire hazards and regional fire hazards are still outstanding;

7. The degree of intelligence of fire protection information is not high, and modern science and technology are used. The level of means to deal with fire needs to be improved.

And smart firefighting is the use of the latest technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, mobile Internet +, and a big data cloud computing platform to involve socialized firefighting supervision and management and firefighting and rescue of public security agencies The various elements of the fire protection information required to link together to build a high-sensitivity basic fire protection environment, real-time, dynamic, interactive, and integrated collection, transmission and processing of fire protection information.

As an important part of the security field of smart city development, smart firefighting has gradually changed from market behavior to a government-supported urban development model, and it has become a practical project for local governments to serve the people. Next, let's take a look at what advantages and functions does smart firefighting have?

1. Smart firefighting uses sensor technology to monitor various fire-prone places in real time.

(1) Smoke alarms

For safety reasons, various buildings will install smoke alarms during decoration to prevent fires. The smoke alarm can perform 360° detection; the photoelectric smoke device is used inside, which is sensitive. If the smoke generated when a fire is detected, it will make a strong sound, which effectively reduces the loss caused by the fire.

(2) Liquid level sensor

High-rise buildings and key fire protection units are equipped with fire-fighting pools to prevent insufficient pressure in the municipal pipeline network during firefighting and key replenishment after the fire-extinguishing agent is consumed. The role of. The installation of a liquid level sensor in the fire pool can collect the height of the pool in real time. Once the liquid level is lower than the set safe height, an alarm message will be sent to the monitoring platform immediately to notify the relevant personnel to deal with hidden dangers in time, and to replenish the water level to ensure energy at critical moments. Enough to play the role of the reservoir.

(3) Pressure sensor

In the use process of high-rise buildings, the fire protection awareness of property management units is relatively weak, and it is easy to overlook fire protection systems such as fire water supply systems and sprinkler systems. Management and maintenance. As a result, it is difficult for the fire department to effectively supervise the fire water pressure, and some fire protection systems have been in a state of insufficient water pressure or even anhydrous for a long time. Once a fire occurs, the fire protection system cannot be linked in time, and the fire hazard is very serious. Install pressure transmitters at key parts of the building's fire-fighting pipeline to realize the pressure monitoring of the fire-fighting pipeline in the building.

2. The smart firefighting cloud platform can be operated remotely to realize all-round monitoring and supervision.

Information, intelligent and dynamic 24-hour monitoring of key areas. The environmental monitoring cloud platform can realize real-time display of data information, real-time curves, historical curves, and data records of various places; the platform also has functions such as over-limit alarm, SMS alarm, and email alarm. If a fire occurs, it will be sent to the platform as soon as possible. The warning information and the relevant person in charge issue the warning information in order to take timely measures to reduce the loss of the fire.

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