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Composition and functional characteristics of rainfall monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-15
Composition and functional characteristics of rainfall monitoring system

There are many applications for rainfall monitoring systems, such as meteorology, agriculture, hydrology and water conservancy, environmental protection, highways, airports and ports.

The rainfall monitoring system adopts B/S structure design. Users can remotely access through local area network or wide area network, view monitoring data anytime and anywhere, and fully integrate software and hardware equipment resources. The monitored places realize all-weather remote automatic monitoring, and the dynamic change process of data in each place is completely recorded.

What is the composition of the rainfall monitoring system?

The rainfall monitoring system is mainly composed of four parts: on-site monitoring equipment, remote monitoring equipment, communication platform and monitoring center.

Field monitoring equipment: mainly includes rainfall sensor, tipping bucket rain gauge, temperature and humidity sensor, and wind speed and direction sensor, which are responsible for collecting water volume data and monitoring water level changes in real time.

Remote monitoring equipment: the monitoring terminal. The remote monitoring equipment is responsible for collecting the data and information detected by the on-site testing equipment, and transmitting the on-site information to the monitoring center through the GPRS network.

Communication platform: The monitoring equipment can choose to use GPRS, short message and other communication methods to transmit data to the monitoring center.

Monitoring center: consists of server, public network, and monitoring system data processing software. Each monitoring point can be viewed and supervised, and the monitoring data can also be analyzed and displayed in the form of a curve.

The rainfall monitoring system conducts real-time telemetry on rainfall monitoring stations, which is suitable for working in a variety of harsh weather environments. Remote monitoring. The monitoring center can display, store, and record reports in real-time on the precipitation data of the monitoring site, which plays an important role in the statistical analysis of water potential in meteorology, hydrology, agriculture and environmental protection.

The main functions of the system are as follows:

Management functions: It has the functions of data hierarchical management, monitoring point management and other functions.

Collection function: Collect hydrological data such as the water level and rainfall of the monitoring point.

Communication function: Monitoring centers at all levels can communicate with authorized monitoring points.

Alarm function: When the water level, rainfall and other data exceed the upper limit of the alarm, the monitoring point will take the initiative to alert the superior.

Query function: The monitoring system software can query various historical records.

Storage function: The front-end monitoring equipment has a large-capacity data storage function; the monitoring center database can record all historical data.

Analysis function: Water level, rainfall and other data can generate curves and reports for trend analysis.

Extended function: Supports docking with other systems through OPC interface.

The rainfall monitoring system can monitor the weather changes in real time and collect data, which has the characteristics of high accuracy; the intensity of precipitation in the natural world is variable, and the rainfall The measuring part of the sensor is mainly a tipping bucket. The tipping bucket work is a dynamic process. The rainfall can be directly read without secondary calculations, which is simple and convenient; it can also be connected to an external 4-20mA liquid level sensor, which can be used when there is heavy rain or heavy rain. To monitor the water level changes and prevent emergencies when the water level exceeds the alert; temperature, humidity, wind force, and wind direction sensors process the data and upload it once within a specified time and store it. The memory can store at least three days of real-time temperature, relative humidity, 1 minute average wind direction and wind speed.

The rainfall monitoring system uses the Internet of Things + sensor technology to analyze various types of monitored meteorological data to obtain more comprehensive, independent and effective comprehensive information, which can be viewed anytime and anywhere Data; the cloud platform has the functions of storage and export. Managers can make various weather record reports and meteorological data files; when there is too much rainfall that exceeds the set limit, it will send warning information to the manager as soon as possible, and take it in time Measures.

The rainfall monitoring system not only saves equipment costs, but also reduces the difficulty of construction. On the basis of meeting people's needs, it also has the functions of SMS alarm, multi-center monitoring, and real-time monitoring , To achieve information management. The rainfall monitoring system has also played an important role in ensuring the safety of appointed lives and property.

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