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'Cough, cough, cough' dust monitoring system to realize the freedom of 'lung breathing'

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-16
'Cough, cough, cough' dust monitoring system to realize the freedom of 'lung breathing'
With the rapid development of industrial technology in recent years, 'pneumoconiosis' has become an occupational disease in my country, and it is increasing by more than 30,000 people every year. The current situation is not optimistic.

What is pneumoconiosis

Most people think that pneumoconiosis is a disease. In fact, pneumoconiosis is a lung disease caused by the inhalation of dust from various substances. There are different types of pneumoconiosis according to different causes, such as coal worker's pneumoconiosis, cement pneumoconiosis, asbestos lung, etc.

Due to the large number of sick people and difficult treatment, pneumoconiosis has become an incurable disease recognized by the society. Compared with the difficulty of treatment in the later stage, it is simpler and more straightforward to adopt various preventive measures in the early stage to reduce the dust concentration that workers are exposed to from the source. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of urban construction requirements for environmental governance, dust monitoring has gradually become an important indicator of environmental monitoring. Therefore, for construction sites, cement factories, large industrial mines and other places where the concentration of dust is likely to exceed the standard, it is necessary to install a dust monitoring system to monitor the concentration of pollutants in the air in real time, reduce dust pollution, and make workers’ breathing easier, Smooth and improve work efficiency.

The dust monitoring system is composed of a dust monitoring station, a transmission system and an environmental monitoring cloud platform. It can monitor the temperature, humidity, noise, atmospheric pressure, wind force, wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, etc. in the installation environment. Real-time monitoring of environmental parameters (arbitrarily matched according to requirements), and upload the collected data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through GPRS/4G, which is convenient for the staff to monitor, view and manage the on-site environmental quality in real time.

The specific embodiment of the fugitive dust monitoring system:

The fugitive dust monitoring station

TSP and other meteorological factors are collected; 1 channel of wind speed collection; 1 channel of wind direction collection; 1 channel of relay output, which can be connected to an on-site secondary relay to control the fog cannon (default) and tower spray system; 1 channel of LED screen (size 54cm*102cm) , Real-time display of the current values u200bu200bof various meteorological factors in the environment.

Transmission system

The dust monitoring station can upload data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through GPRS/4G; at the same time, our company also provides free docking platform services, only users need to provide platform The interface protocol can be realized, helping to supervise the dust more intuitively.

Environmental monitoring cloud platform

The environmental monitoring cloud platform is a system platform developed for remotely realizing automatic monitoring and management of environmental quality. It can receive the data uploaded in real time from the dust monitoring station, and alarm the data that exceeds the limit; support multiple data analysis and export methods; managers can directly set the upper and lower limits of the monitoring element data on the cloud platform, alarm settings, etc., and timely Prevent and control the dust pollution on the construction site.

Unique advantages of the dust monitoring system:

1. Intelligent linkage

The dust monitoring station is specially equipped with 1 relay output. When the value of PM2.5 or PM10 in the air exceeds the standard, the system will automatically give The relay sends linkage commands to control the on-site fog cannon or tower spray system to reduce the content of particulate matter in the air.

2. Two-color display screen

The high-brightness large LED screen can realize two-color display, the green is normal, the red exceeds the standard, the two-color prompt is clearer, and a special mobile phone APP is provided to modify the display header, and the screen display can be checked Content, set the fog cannon start value.

3. Diverse remote monitoring

In addition to the environmental monitoring cloud platform provided by our company, which can be viewed and monitored on the computer side, it also supports multiple terminal login methods such as mobile phone APP, WeChat official account, etc., so as to realize SMS alarm, Ring alarm, WeChat prompt and other alarm methods; it can receive the data uploaded by the monitoring equipment in real time, and can directly set various parameters on the terminal to achieve the purpose of remote automatic monitoring.

The dust monitoring system integrates the data of various pollutants in the on-site environment into the monitoring system to provide scientific data support for the staff to control the dust and other particles on the construction site in the next step, improve the prevention and control of environmental pollution, purify the air quality, and help People realize the freedom of 'lung breathing'.

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