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Design and Implementation of Temperature and Humidity Recorder Based on Internet of Things Technology in Laboratory

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-04
Design and Implementation of Temperature and Humidity Recorder Based on Internet of Things Technology in Laboratory
The laboratory is an important place for testing and calibration experiments. Whether it is a physical laboratory or a chemical laboratory, environmental conditions have an extremely important influence on the experiment.

In the laboratory environment, temperature and humidity are important environmental factors. It is reflected in many experimental reports and has a direct impact on the success of the experiment. According to the standard specified in GB/T4857.2-2005, the temperature of the laboratory must be controlled at about 21°C-25°C, and the relative humidity must be controlled at about 45%-55% in order to meet the basic experimental requirements. It is necessary to provide a constant temperature and humidity environment to maintain the accuracy of the experimental process.

From the laboratory’s indoor environment, there is almost no situation that can cause a sharp temperature difference and excessive humidity. This requires a high degree of short-term control of the temperature and humidity regulator, from cooling, heating, humidification and dehumidification. These methods are strictly controlled.

In addition to temperature monitoring, there is also humidity monitoring, especially the monitoring of relative humidity changes in the laboratory. Although the air in the laboratory does not have other conditions that cause temperature and humidity differences, the temperature of the air only needs to change by 1.0 ℃ , It will cause a large change in the relative humidity and affect the normal operation of indoor instruments. Even a temperature difference of 0.2°C can cause a humidity change greater than 0.5%.

Therefore, laboratories that are very sensitive to temperature and humidity need to use professional sensors to strictly control deviations. So how to design a laboratory temperature and humidity recorder and its system?

Considering the nature of the laboratory’s work, we usually choose to use a WIFI multi-probe temperature and humidity recorder.

WIFI-type multi-probe temperature and humidity recorder

The laboratory WIFI-type multi-probe temperature and humidity recorder adopts WIFI wireless data transmission mode, and the collected data can be uploaded to the server through WIFI mode. Make full use of the established WIFI communication network to realize data collection and transmission, and achieve the purpose of centralized monitoring. Can greatly reduce the amount of construction, improve construction efficiency and maintenance costs. At the same time, the device has powerful functions and convenience, small and simple, and it can be widely used in various laboratory environments.

When the WIFI multi-probe temperature and humidity recorder is connected to the WIFI network in the venue, the real-time data can be uploaded to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through the on-site network. When the network is disconnected, the device will automatically cache the data. Resume automatic data transfer.

At the same time, there are four temperature and humidity probes on the WIFI multi-probe temperature and humidity recorder, which can set different upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity, and a built-in buzzer at the same time. After the threshold is set, the alarm light will be on and the buzzer will alarm to remind the laboratory environmental management personnel to adjust the indoor environment in time.

Laboratory temperature and humidity monitoring system

The laboratory temperature and humidity monitoring system is composed of monitoring terminals, communication methods, and application layers. The WIFI multi-probe temperature and humidity recorder is the monitoring terminal of the system. It adopts a multi-point arrangement of one machine, or a multi-machine multi-point monitoring arrangement, which can realize 24-hour continuous online monitoring, and on-site sound and light alarms after abnormal data , SMS alarm, APP alarm, mailbox alarm and other functions.

Functional characteristics of laboratory temperature and humidity monitoring system:

24-hour monitoring: It can monitor the temperature and humidity of the laboratory 24 hours a day, and upload the data to the monitoring platform at a certain time interval .

Over-limit alarm: When the temperature and humidity exceed the limit, there are platform alarms, phone alarms, SMS alarms, email alarms and other alarm methods.

Remote monitoring: When the temperature and humidity exceed the limits, the platform will send M88 industrial control through the monitoring host The module sends intelligent linkage commands to remotely intelligently turn on or turn off equipment such as air conditioners and dehumidifiers to ensure that the laboratory environment is at a constant temperature.

Historical data viewing: The equipment information of each monitoring point can be inquired through the system, and the equipment monitoring data and historical data can be inquired.

Data alarm push: WIFI devices can send SMS alarms through the platform when the data is abnormal and when the power is off, as well as free WeChat alarms and APP push.

APP monitoring: APP can move online monitoring of temperature and humidity data, real-time query, can locate the alarm location, can query the information of alarm equipment, etc.

Real-time map: The map displays the device location, online status and some data information in real-time.

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