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Design and Realization of Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-11
Design and Realization of Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System
Various new automatic control systems are increasingly used in people’s daily life, such as industrial production, agriculture, etc., which can not only improve labor productivity, but also make the operation of controlled equipment more accurate. Humidity is a key safety parameter and is closely connected with people's lives. At present, the temperature and humidity monitoring system on the market is mainly based on single-chip microcomputer, DSP, PLC, etc. With the development of sensors and micro-control technology, the temperature and humidity monitoring system is also advancing. It first used analog devices to realize field data acquisition, and used analog devices to process and display.

How to design an intelligent temperature and humidity monitoring system?

1. Practicability

It can meet the requirements of actual work, consider satisfying user business management as an important element, and adopt a centralized management control mode, which is convenient to operate, simple to maintain, and manage on the basis of satisfying functions. Simple.

Second, economical

On the premise of ensuring the reliability of the system and high cost performance, the most economical goal is achieved through optimized design.

3. System product selection

Choose highly intelligent, high-tech products, establish an open system framework, take standardization and modularization as the design requirements, and combine the actual conditions of each application to select a suitable temperature Humidity sensor is better. To cite a few examples

Wall-mounted king-shaped shell temperature and humidity sensor

Wall-mounted king-shaped shell temperature and humidity sensor adopts a wall-mounted high-grade housing with a protection level of IP65, rain and snow-proof and good air permeability. The circuit adopts the American imported industrial-grade microprocessor chip and imported high-precision temperature sensor to ensure the excellent reliability, high precision and interchangeability of the product. This product adopts a particle sintered probe sheath, and the probe is directly connected to the shell, and the appearance is beautiful and generous. The output signal types are divided into RS485 and analog output modes. It is widely used in smart agriculture, smart breeding, industry, etc.

86 shell temperature and humidity sensor

86 shell temperature and humidity sensor with LCD display, real-time display of temperature and humidity, large-screen LCD display, beautiful and generous. The wiring terminal adopts military-grade spring-type screw-free terminal, which can be connected by pressing and plugging. The wire can be quickly connected even without a screwdriver on site. Using high-precision temperature and humidity measurement unit, on-site self-calibration, long-term stability and small drift. The equipment adopts two signal output modes: RS485 or analog. The built-in extension of the probe is optional. The built-in type of the probe is simple and convenient to install. The extension type of the probe can choose a variety of probes for different occasions. It is widely used in laboratories, warehouses, warehouses, offices, etc.

Pipeline temperature and humidity sensor

is used in pipeline temperature and humidity measurement. Imported temperature and humidity measuring unit is adopted, with small drift and high accuracy. The equipment adopts two types of transmission modes: RS485 and analog. Pipeline installation method, convenient on-site installation, adopts anti-interference circuit design, can withstand various strong electromagnetic interferences such as on-site inverters; the equipment adopts a waterproof shell design, the equipment has a bright color LED display, and the wheel displays real-time temperature and humidity to ensure The displayed value can be seen clearly in dark places. The filter screen of the equipment probe adopts 25um high-strength stainless steel material, which can not only ensure the entry of gas molecules but also prevent the entry of dust particles and water droplets. It can be used in humid and high-dust occasions and is durable. It is widely used in pipelines, fresh air systems and other environments.

The intelligent temperature and humidity monitoring system is an automatic monitoring system that can monitor and record unattended 24 hours a day without interruption. The system can monitor and record the temperature and humidity of the environment in which it is located, and upload the temperature and humidity data to the cloud platform in real time, so as to achieve real-time monitoring and control of the temperature and humidity of the environment, and can exceed the limit when the temperature and humidity are abnormal Alarm, notify the management personnel in the form of text messages, phone calls, sound and light, etc.

The whole system is reliable and practical, and can effectively realize remote real-time and dynamic monitoring of its environment, record the temperature and humidity status data of each monitoring point in real time, and send out alarms and prompts to the over-limit monitoring points. Not only does it tell the difficulty of human monitoring, it also improves the monitoring speed and accuracy of temperature and humidity, saves a lot of manpower and material resources, reduces the work intensity of temperature and humidity management, and improves management efficiency.

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