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Development of Environmental Monitoring System for Archives

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-11
Development of Environmental Monitoring System for Archives
China is an ancient civilization with a long history, and the development of archives has a long history. Archives are true records of human activities and an important basis for people to understand and grasp objective laws. With the help of archives, we can better understand the past, grasp the present, and foresee the future. Archival work is an important work that records history, inherits civilization, serves society, and benefits the people. The archival cause is an indispensable aspect of the development of the party and the country, and it is a noble undertaking. However, how to protect all kinds of files and cultural relics is the top priority in the work, because once all files and cultural relics are damaged, they cannot be restored.

Archive warehouse is an important place for permanent archive storage. With the continuous development and progress of society, archive classification becomes more and more detailed, the content involved becomes more and more abundant, and the amount and quantity of information becomes larger and larger. There are tens of thousands of large and small archives throughout the country. Among them, there are many very important and confidential archives with very high historical and social value. The quality of archive preservation, the physical life of archives, and the protection of archives from insects and mildew are all related to the warehouse. The air quality, temperature and humidity are closely related to each other. If the temperature and humidity in the warehouse are out of control, it will seriously affect file protection. For example, high temperature and high humidity will speed up the hydrolysis and aging of paper, the reproduction of molds and bacteria that harm the materials made of archives, increase the photochemical effect, and increase the adsorption capacity of harmful gases and dust, etc., timely and effective adjustment and Controlling the temperature and humidity of the archive warehouse is the key to protecting and prolonging the life of archives.

Before, the environmental monitoring of most archives was in the stage of manual inspection and manual adjustment of temperature and humidity. Once the temperature and humidity of the archives were out of control and the security was not done properly, it would cause irreversible losses.

Based on the emphasis on archives management, the state has issued relevant regulations: 'Regulations on Administration of Archives' (Order No. 13 of the National Archives Administration), the National Archives Law, and the 'Architectural Design Code for Archives' (JGJ25-2010 ), 'Archives Construction Standards' (Building Standard 103-2008), 'Interim Provisions on the Management of Archives Security Protection TechnologyCombining the above technologies to form a complete modern archive warehouse environment monitoring system, realizing timely and effective adjustment and control of the temperature and humidity of the archive warehouse; ensuring that the archive warehouse maintains a scientific and reasonable temperature and humidity range, and at the same time realizing data query and traceability. It is conducive to the long-term and perfect preservation of archive materials, so as to give full play to the maximum effect of archive materials.

Modern archive warehouse environment monitoring system not only monitors and effectively controls the temperature and humidity in the warehouse, but also has the following functions:

1. Fire linkage: The system contains smoke detectors, which can be monitored in real time. When the smoke concentration in the warehouse reaches the value set by the user, an alarm will be issued, and the parallel fire extinguishing system will run or stop.

2. Power monitoring: The system contains a power failure alarm, which can monitor and warn the power failure in real time.

3. Personnel monitoring: The system has the function of personnel movement monitoring, access control management and video monitoring.

4. Equipment monitoring: remote management and control of air-conditioning and lighting equipment, remote control of network equipment such as switches, routers, etc.

5. Alarm system: The modern archive warehouse environment monitoring system provides multiple alarm functions such as sound and light alarm, local alarm, voice alarm, SMS alarm and so on.

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