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Does the dust monitor network charge?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-19
Does the dust monitor network charge?
my country's requirements for environmental governance are getting higher and higher. PM2.5 has become an important indicator of environmental monitoring. As an important part of the impact of PM2.5 indicators on construction sites, it has also become the object of monitoring by environmental protection departments at all levels.

In order to effectively monitor the dust pollution of construction sites and build green construction sites, according to GB3095-2012 'Ambient Air Quality StandardsThe government's environmental protection platform builds a dust pollution self-control monitoring system, incorporates all building construction in the city into the scope of supervision, and truly realizes effective management and standardized law enforcement.

The dust detector RS-ZSYC-10S-4G is specially used to monitor environmental factors such as noise and dust in construction projects. It is developed based on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, with various built-in sensors, which can measure the air temperature and humidity, noise, PM2.5, PM10, wind speed, wind direction, TSP, sulfur dioxide, ozone, atmospheric pressure and other factors in the construction site environment. Real-time data collection; the dust detector is automatically uploaded to the dust cloud platform to realize data display, data storage, data analysis, over-limit warning and other functions, but these functions cannot be displayed on the government environmental protection platform.

In order to manage the dust on construction sites in a unified manner, environmental protection departments in many areas will require the monitored data to be uploaded to the government platform in real time for the convenience of government supervision and inspection.

1. Is there a charge for the dust monitor networking?

Due to different local policies, most of the municipal environmental protection departments can realize the docking with the government platform through GPRS/4G, but a few municipal environmental protection platforms require the network port to connect, so the noise and dust monitoring system supports GPRS/4G In addition to data docking, it also supports docking via TCP/IP protocol, MODBUS RTU and other protocols.

This is a service that the dust monitoring system should have, but the editor found that many products on the market cannot be connected to the government. Those that can be connected to the government will also be charged and will be charged every year in the future. The cost performance is very low. . The dust monitoring system provides free docking services with government platforms. As long as the customer provides the government platform docking agreement (need to be provided by the local government platform), our company technically confirms whether the docking is possible, and after the docking is confirmed, the government platform can be docked free of charge.

2. Can the data be uploaded to the Yangdust Cloud Platform for free?

In order to more effectively monitor, manage, and analyze the dust data, the dust monitoring system provides a powerful free dust cloud platform, which can provide real-time data viewing, data overrun alarm, curve display data and other functions. By default, a 300M IOT card is provided, which can be used for one year, and can be recharged the following year, or change your own data card. When installing the device, insert this IoT card (with a maximum consumption of 30M per month) into the device's mobile phone card slot, and the device will automatically upload data to the Yangdust Cloud platform, which can be viewed on the computer or mobile phone.

3. Can remote APP set parameters for free?

According to the environment of each construction site, on-site alarm parameters also need to be modified. Some products are equipped with a touch screen in the box. Each time you adjust the parameters, you need to open the box for adjustment, which is very inconvenient. There will be additional charges. The dust monitoring system is equipped with remote mobile phone APP software, which can adjust and set parameters anytime and anywhere without any charge.

The Dust Configuration APP can remotely compile the LED screen header, check the environmental elements that need to be displayed, set the LED screen cutting time, etc. Compared with the dust detector set by other manufacturers, the GPRS/4G noise and dust monitoring It is more flexible and smarter to stand up and use.

4. Is the fog cannon linked for free?

In order to more effectively reduce the dust on the construction site, the use of fog cannons can reduce the air pollutant particles. The PM2.5 in the air has been significantly reduced, and the air quality has been greatly improved. Under the construction environment, once the dust is raised If the data exceeds the standard, the dust detector needs to be linked with the fog cannon to remove dust and reduce dust. When I investigated, I found that the dust detectors of many manufacturers on the market need to purchase additional modules to realize the linkage of fog cannons. The dust monitoring system reserves a linkage interface, which can linkage fog cannons for free.

2020 is the year to win the battle to defend the blue sky and the 13th Five-Year Plan. my country’s air pollution control has entered the “deep water period”. Diagnosis, monitoring first. It is self-evident that a high-performance dust detector is important for comprehensive monitoring, precise control, and cost reduction of dust.

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