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Drying rooms with high temperature and humidity require more temperature and humidity monitoring

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-30
Drying rooms with high temperature and humidity require more temperature and humidity monitoring
Drying refers to the process of removing the solvent to retain the solid content in a certain way, usually refers to the process of passing in hot air to evaporate and take away the moisture in the material. In ancient times, more traditional methods such as fire and wood baking were generally used, and someone needed to be guarded by the side all the time. In modern work, a drying room is designed to specifically carry out the drying work, which not only improves the technology, but also saves manpower.

Drying is a very critical process in tobacco leaf production. Fresh tobacco leaves have a high water content and need to be dried to become dried tobacco leaves. If the drying work is not done well, the tobacco leaves will be moldy and eaten by insects, which will affect the final quality. Similarly, the drying of medicinal materials is also an important process. There are many other products, including the dried fish, dried fruits and other foods that we eat, which will also be dried. The important factor that affects such drying is the drying room. If the temperature and humidity are too high or too low, it is not acceptable. Only proper temperature and humidity can ensure that the quality of tobacco leaves, medicinal materials and other products meet the standards.

The reason for the need for temperature and humidity monitoring in the drying room

The temperature in the drying room is constantly rising, the moisture evaporates faster and faster, and the drying speed continues to increase. For products, if the temperature is If it is too high, the product quality will be adversely affected, and it is also easy to cause safety accidents such as fire. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a suitable room temperature according to the specific drying situation; besides humidity, all products will emit a large amount of steam when they are dried, which will increase the humidity and heat in the entire room, and the drying room needs to remove moisture in time , Maintain proper temperature and humidity for product drying work, so timely humidity monitoring is required.

The choice of temperature and humidity monitoring equipment in the drying room

The drying room is a high-temperature and high-humidity environment, which is not convenient for wiring, so it is better to use a digital tube wireless temperature and humidity measuring point sensor.

The digital tube wireless temperature and humidity measuring point sensor adopts a waterproof shell, and the protection level reaches IP65. It can be installed indoors and outdoors, and the drying room is not easy to be monitored, so it can be installed on the wall outside the drying room; this sensor Through the highlight digital tube display, the temperature and humidity values u200bu200bcan be seen under strong light; the measuring point terminal is equipped with an external waterproof probe, and the probe line can be extended up to 30 meters; built-in buzzer, temperature and humidity exceeding the limit buzzer buzzer, timely Notify personnel for maintenance.

This digital tube wireless temperature and humidity measuring point sensor adopts our wireless spread spectrum technology and has the following characteristics:

①The communication distance is long, and the open area can reach 800 meters.

②Strong penetration ability, indoor applications can penetrate 3~4 concrete walls.

③Frequency hopping technology, strong communication anti-interference ability.

④The temperature and humidity collection accuracy is higher than the national standard, and the upper and lower limit alarm values u200bu200bof the temperature and humidity can be set.

⑤The high-bright digital tube display is convenient for users to observe, and the built-in high-decibel buzzer has the function of local sound and light alarm.

⑥External power supply, users only need to use the on-site AC 220V power supply to use the power adapter provided by our company to power the equipment, without additional assumptions about the communication cable.

I also need to say that if the device wants to access the monitoring platform software, it needs to be connected to the wireless receiving host. The wireless receiving host receives the signal from the wireless measuring point and converts it into network data or 485 data and then transmits it to the monitoring software Platform, so that you can monitor temperature and humidity data in real time in the background, and view real-time curves.

Whether in medicine, food, tobacco and other fields, drying is a crucial process. Once it is not done well, the product may face quality problems. The application of temperature and humidity sensors is really good Solved this problem.

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