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Dust monitoring system helps Jinan build an ecological city

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-13
Dust monitoring system helps Jinan build an ecological city
The Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China yesterday announced to the media the monitoring results of dust fall in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei air pollution transmission channel '2+26' cities (hereinafter referred to as '2+26' cities) and 11 cities in the Fenwei Plain in July 2020, Jinan Ranked 4th among the '2+26' cities, with a year-on-year improvement of 46.4%, and the improvement ranks first.

According to the monitoring results, Jinan has achieved quite good results in environmental management and control. This result was achieved due to the fact that the Jinan Municipal Government’s monitoring and management of dust was in place, and the 'Opinions on Further Strict Measures for the Prevention and Control of Dust Pollution in Construction Projects' issued by the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Jinan in July (hereinafter referred to as the 'Opinions') ) Also has a great relationship.

The 'Opinions' clearly pointed out that the construction in progress should strictly follow the requirements of the dust control laws, regulations, standards and related documents, implement refined and standardized management, and strictly implement the basic requirements such as '6 100%'. Among them, the construction site must be equipped with a 2.5-meter-high enclosed hard fence; the on-site office area, living area, work area, entrance and exit, and main road must be hardened; if the land is exposed for more than 3 months, priority should be given to temporary greening. Spraying ecological and environmental protection dust suppressants that are not suitable for greening; construction sites with a contract period of 3 months or more should install a dust online monitoring system, and real-time networking with the environmental protection bureau supervision platform, etc. After reading the 'Opinions

What is the flying dust online monitoring system?

The flying dust online monitoring system: The flying dust online monitoring system consists of a flying dust monitor (monitoring terminal), a transmission system, a monitoring software cloud platform and a spray system (fog cannon). Able to monitor PM2.5, PM10, ambient temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, noise monitoring, video monitoring, and video capture of pollutants exceeding the standard (optional), toxic and harmful gas monitoring (optional) and other functions in the field environment; data platform It is a networked platform with an Internet architecture, with various functions such as monitoring of each sub-station and data alarm processing, recording, query, statistics, report output and so on. The system can also be linked with various pollution control devices to achieve the purpose of automatic control.

Monitoring terminal: The dust online monitoring system is a complete set of systems, and the terminal responsible for real-time monitoring is the noise and dust monitor: the dust monitor is a device specially used for environmental monitoring on the construction site. This device can be equipped with multiple environmental monitoring sensors, which can be used to monitor various environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, noise, PM2.5/PM10, wind speed and direction.

Monitoring software cloud platform: The dust online monitoring system should support real-time upload of data. Data upload is divided into two places: docking with the cloud platform of the local environmental protection bureau and the cloud platform for dust monitoring. How to connect to the Environmental Protection Agency will be mentioned later; the dust monitoring cloud platform is an industry version web platform specially developed for the convenience of remote management. It does not require users to set up a server for free use. It has a computer web terminal, mobile APP, WeChat notarized number, etc. Multiple terminal login methods. It can receive the data uploaded by the dust monitor in real time, and support data display, storage, analysis, downloading, etc., and can be linked with pollution control equipment such as fog cannons to achieve the purpose of remote automatic control.

How does the online dust monitoring system connect to the Environmental Protection Bureau?

The online dust monitoring system is connected to the Environmental Protection Agency through the dust monitor. According to different local policies, there are multiple methods such as GPRS/4G data uploading and network port networking. Among them, most of the environmental protection bureaus use GPRS/4G data uploading methods to connect with government platforms. Environmental protection bureaus in a small number of cities require that they be connected via a network port. In addition to supporting GPRS/4G data connection, the noise and dust monitoring system also supports connection through TCP/IP protocol, MODBUS RTU and other protocols.

Moreover, there is no charge for connecting the dust monitor to the EPA cloud platform. As long as the dust monitor has the function of uploading data and provides a government platform docking agreement (issued by the local government platform), after confirmation, it can complete the free docking with the environmental protection bureau cloud platform.

This time the “courage to take the lead” in the amount of dustfall in Quancheng has increased confidence in the prevention and control of dust. In the future, the online dust monitoring system will achieve full coverage of various construction sites in the city, so as to obtain more valuable data. More standard analysis results, more favorable support for environmental construction, contribute to winning the battle against the blue sky and comprehensively improving the environmental air quality, and strive to build Jinan into an ecological city that adults yearn for.

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