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Dust monitoring system helps the environment to 'dust' away

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-12
Dust monitoring system helps the environment to 'dust' away
According to related news reports: On the afternoon of November 3, after the video conference on comprehensive management of air pollution in autumn and winter and the special rectification action of dust in Shandong Province, Jinan continued to hold a video conference to discuss the special rectification action of dust in Jinan and the atmosphere in autumn and winter. Arrange and deploy pollution prevention and control work.

This meeting is mainly aimed at the closing plan of 'Defense of the Blue Sky

With the rapid development of the national economy, the number of dust pollution sites in the country is increasing. The large amount of dust pollution emissions and the difficulty of monitoring are a big problem. The dust trap monitoring technology is backward, the periodicity is long, the scientificity is poor, and the effectiveness is lacking. The lack of online monitoring technology and quantitative supervision methods, the lack of verification methods and basis for total particulate matter, and the lack of big data to support early-warning analysis have been troubled by the environmental protection department.

However, with the development of the times, the dust monitoring system came into being. The system was only a dust monitor at first. Although it appeared very early, it has not been effective due to technical problems and the inability to realize remote data transmission. universal. At present, due to the country's emphasis on dust monitoring and the development of modern technology, the ability to connect with the Environmental Protection Agency to upload environmental data in real time has brought new application opportunities to the system.

We all know that fugitive dust is an important factor in air pollution, and its contribution to PM2.5 has reached an astonishing 20-30%. Most of them come from unorganized dust pollution emissions from construction sites, cement mixing plants, power plants, pulverized coal storage yards, docks and mines, etc. These large factories or construction sites have serious dust emissions, and it is necessary to use dust monitoring equipment for real-time monitoring , And upload to the government cloud platform. By using the fugitive dust monitoring system, fugitive dust monitoring system, help the environment to avoid 'dust' away

Flying dust monitoring system

1. Composition and function introduction of fugitive dust online monitoring system

Some components are: dust monitor, transmission system, dust monitoring platform and sprinkler system.

(1) The dust monitor can monitor various environmental factors such as PM2.5, PM10, ambient temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, noise and other environmental factors in the on-site environment; it has video monitoring and video capture of pollutants exceeding the standard, poisonous and harmful Various functions such as gas detection;

(2) Transmission system: The dust detector provides free docking service with the government platform. The customer only needs to provide the government platform docking agreement (the local government platform will provide it), and the technical staff will confirm whether it can be docked. After the docking is confirmed, the government platform can be docked for free.

(3) Dust monitoring platform: In addition to uploading data to the supervisory authority, you can also log in to the monitoring cloud platform provided. The dust monitoring platform is an industry version web platform specially developed for the convenience of remote management by users , It has the monitoring function of each sub-station and the alarm processing, recording, query, statistics, report output and other functions of the data.

(4) Sprinkler system: It can be intelligently linked with the fog cannon according to the needs of the scene; the dust monitoring system reserves a linkage interface, which can be linked to the fog cannon for free to reduce air pollution particles in the first time.

2. Dust monitoring system docking with government cloud platform

Due to different local policies, most municipal environmental protection departments can connect with government platforms through GPRS/4G, but a few municipal environmental protection platforms require network ports Docking. In addition to supporting GPRS/4G data connection, the noise and dust monitoring system also supports connection through TCP/IP protocol, MODBUS RTU and other protocols.

1. It is worth noting that there is no charge for connecting the dust detector to the Environmental Protection Agency. First of all, the government does not charge engineering fees. Secondly, the dust monitor can be connected to the platform of the Environmental Protection Agency, which is a function of the dust detector equipment. Therefore, the manufacturer of the dust detector equipment should not charge a fee. However, the editor found that many products on the market cannot be connected to the government. Manufacturers and routine customers who can connect with the government will charge annual fees from customers! The equipment is cost-effective and disrupts the market.

2. The dust detector provides free docking service with the government platform. As long as the customer provides the government platform docking agreement (the local government platform will provide it), our technicians will confirm whether the docking is possible, and after the docking is confirmed, the government platform can be docked for free.

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