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Dust monitoring system prevents dust from flying

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-13
Dust monitoring system prevents dust from flying
The 'dust' was flying in the wind, and the warriors walked everywhere. Yang Chen must be governed at all times. If it is not governed, it will not work. Think about it, you took your wife out of the city, eating hot pot and singing songs, and suddenly you were raised by Yang Chen. Therefore, the days without dust are good days!

With the advancement of urbanization, various construction sites in the city have many problems, such as multiple dust spots, wide areas, and dynamic changes. If there is no reliable environmental monitoring equipment and data uploading equipment, it is difficult to find out in time. Deal with it in time; and the dust monitoring system, as a set of environmental monitoring system for monitoring dust, can not only meet all the current requirements of dust monitoring, but also fully meet the national docking standards.

However, there are many dust monitoring equipment on the market. How to choose a good dust monitoring system? Below, this article will introduce a set of fugitive dust monitoring system independently developed and produced for everyone to choose from.

Flying dust monitoring system

Based on the actual needs of environmental monitoring, the fugitive dust monitoring system is launched, which uses modern science and technology to objectively, scientifically and accurately quantify and evaluate the level of fugitive dust emission. It is a construction site and urban management It is also an important basis for environmental protection, construction, urban management, transportation, municipal and other related departments to control and evaluate the source of air pollution suspended particulate emissions.

The composition of the fugitive dust monitoring system

The fugitive dust monitoring system consists of a dust monitor, a transmission system (GPRS/4G), monitoring software and configuration software. Various functions such as humidity, wind speed and wind direction monitoring, noise monitoring, video monitoring and video capture of pollutants exceeding the standard (optional), toxic and hazardous gas monitoring (optional) and other functions; the data platform is a networked platform with an Internet architecture. It has various functions such as monitoring function of each sub-station and data alarm processing, recording, query, statistics, report output and so on. The system can also be linked with various pollution control devices to achieve the purpose of automatic control.

1. Fugitive dust monitor

Fugitive dust monitor is an equipment specially used for environmental monitoring on construction sites. This device can be equipped with multiple environmental monitoring sensors, which can be used to monitor various environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, noise, PM2.5/PM10, wind speed and direction.

2. Environmental monitoring cloud platform

The environmental monitoring cloud platform can receive the data uploaded by the dust monitor, and analyze and control the cloud platform.

The function of the environmental monitoring cloud platform: the industry version of the web platform is specially developed for remote management. It does not require users to use their own servers for free. It has multiple terminal login methods such as computer web pages, mobile apps, and WeChat notarization numbers. It can receive the data uploaded by the dust monitor in real time, and support data display, storage, analysis, downloading, etc., and can be linked with pollution control equipment such as fog cannons to achieve the purpose of remote automatic control.

The significance of the fugitive dust monitoring system: The fugitive dust monitoring system is installed to respond to national policies and help the macro-control of environmental governance. Therefore, the data from the dust monitor should be able to be uploaded to the EPA platform.

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