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Electronic water gauge and tipping bucket rain gauge help smart flood prevention and scientific disaster reduction

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-17
Electronic water gauge and tipping bucket rain gauge help smart flood prevention and scientific disaster reduction
Extreme weather such as torrential rains has had a huge impact on social management, city operations, and people’s production and life. It also exposed the current pain points of lagging in infrastructure construction such as drainage and waterlogging prevention in some cities, and insufficient capacity for rain and flood regulation and emergency management. .

Before the popularization of the Internet of Things technology, the monitoring and management of water regimes in domestic cities was relatively simple and extensive. It was basically based on manual reading of data. During periods of heavy rainfall, it was difficult to obtain real-time and up-to-date water level information. Responding to the difficulties caused by the rescue and relief work. In case of heavy rain, the traditional 'barrier tube + crowbar' mode is still adopted, and rescue team members are dispatched to squat in advance. If there is flooding in the road section in charge, they will turn on the rainwater manhole cover or pump station switch based on their own experience. The lack of overall analysis and research cannot fundamentally solve the waterlogging problem of drainage.

In the new era, disaster prevention, mitigation, and disaster prevention, to improve the modernization level of natural disaster prevention and prevention, cannot do without the support of science and technology. Nowadays, intelligent flood prevention with technologies such as sensors, Internet of Things, GIS, mobile internet, and streaming media have been used in daily flood prevention and disaster relief, greatly improving the timeliness and accuracy of flood prevention and processing. Among them, the electronic water gauge and tipping bucket rain gauge, known as the 'pioneer' of intelligent flood control, play an important role.

Electronic water level gauge is also called 'electronic water level gauge'. It realizes real-time measurement of water level by measuring the water level of the electrode, and uploads the measured water level data to the monitoring platform in real time to assist the flood command platform to make correct decisions and improve The response time of rescue and relief work minimizes disasters.

Electronic water gauges generally use a stainless steel protective shell. Compared with traditional methods, they have high reliability and high anti-interference performance. At the same time, they have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, antifreeze, heat resistance, and aging resistance. Influenced by external factors such as humidity, sand content, freezing, etc., effective data can be transmitted safely and reliably in real time even in severe weather. In addition to road surface water level measurement, it can also be used for water level in water conservancy and hydropower projects such as lakes, reservoirs, and irrigation areas. Monitoring is especially suitable for occasions where the water level changes are not large, such as hydrology, urban waterlogging, urban roads, and irrigation channels.

The tipping bucket rain gauge is another 'pioneer' in the intelligent flood control system. The tipping bucket rain gauge is an instrument used to measure the amount of precipitation in a certain area over a period of time. Rainwater enters the water receiver from the top rain port, falls into the diversion funnel, and flows into the tipping bucket through the funnel mouth. When the water accumulation reaches a certain height When the time, the tipping bucket loses its balance and overturns, and the water is poured out. As the rain continues, the tipping bucket will be turned left and right. The contact switch will turn the number of tipping buckets into an electrical signal, which will be sent to the recorder and read on the cumulative counter and self-recording clock. Precipitation data, so that the rainfall process can be measured back and forth. At the same time, the measurement converts the rainfall into a digital information output in the form of a switch, and uploads it to the monitoring platform in real time to meet the needs of the flood command platform.

With the continuous changes of working conditions, water regimes, and weather, traditional hydrological information dissemination methods cannot timely and accurately monitor flood information. Smart flood prevention can use sensors such as electronic water gauges and tipping bucket rain gauges to play a 'The role of the integration of various flood control information, effectively improving the efficiency of flood control and the ability of flood control and disaster mitigation.

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