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Electronic water gauge: Don't let waterlogging become a common problem in cities

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-16
Electronic water gauge: Don't let waterlogging become a common problem in cities
In recent years, China has been affected by the El Niño phenomenon, and extreme weather such as torrential rains frequently broke out across the country. This has had a huge impact on social management, urban operation, and people’s production and life. In addition, some urban drainage and waterlogging prevention and other infrastructure construction are lagging behind. , The ability to regulate and store rain and flood and emergency management is insufficient, and serious rainstorm and waterlogging disasters have occurred.

In order to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, improve urban disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities and safety assurance levels, and strengthen the construction of urban drainage and waterlogging prevention facilities, the The Circular and the Urban Drainage and Sewage Treatment Regulations and other relevant documents are used to guide urban drainage and flood control.

The document pointed out that there are two main measures for urban flood control: one is to actively construct and manage drainage facilities (urban drainage), and the other is to build a monitoring system for urban road water accumulation (electronic water gauge). In view of this, this article will combine the above measures to describe how to do a good job in urban flood prevention from the perspective of the urban road water monitoring system (electronic water gauge).

Urban road water monitoring system (electronic water gauge)

The electronic water level gauge is a device that uses an advanced processor chip as the controller. It obtains data by measuring the water level of the electrode. Accuracy and anti-interference ability, composed of PCB circuit board, common electrode, detection electrode, epoxy resin, metal shell, cable, etc., can monitor the water level in real time and upload the data to the monitoring platform to assist the flood command platform to make correct decisions. It is used to monitor the water level in municipal projects such as tap water, urban sewage treatment, and urban road water.

1. The working principle of the electronic water level gauge

The electronic water level gauge RS-DR-*-1 collects water depth information through a series of electrodes arranged at equal intervals. There are different potentials in the rate, and it is judged whether the electrode is submerged in the water according to the potential status. Then judge the water depth based on how many electrodes are submerged in the water.

Second, the characteristics of the electronic water level gauge

1. The use of advanced production technology, stainless steel as the protective shell, strong protection and anti-interference ability.

2. Using high-sealing materials, the equipment is not affected by external environmental factors such as sludge, pollutants, and sediments.

3. It has 1 switch signal output, which can be arbitrarily associated with alarm output or used for water level upper and lower limit control.

4. The sampling accuracy has nothing to do with the length of the equipment, and the measuring accuracy of water gauges with different lengths remains unchanged, which is 1cm.

5. Various working modes can be modified according to the on-site situation.

6. The product has the characteristics of anticorrosion, antifreeze, heat resistance, and aging resistance, and can be used in various harsh environments such as mud, dirty liquid, corrosive liquid, and freezing.

3. The working mode of the electronic water level gauge

The electronic water level gauge has three working modes: altitude mode, water depth mode and tilt mode.

1. Air height mode: water level value u003d total length of water gauge-water level + reference value

2, water depth mode: water level value u003d water level + reference value

3 , Tilt mode: water level value u003d water level * cos (angle) + reference value

Fourth, electronic water gauge data upload method

1, 485 electronic water gauge (RS-485 upload)< /p>RS485 is a standard that defines the electrical characteristics of drivers and receivers in a balanced digital multipoint system. The standard is defined by the Telecommunications Industry Association and the Electronics Industry Alliance. Digital communication networks using this standard can effectively transmit signals under long-distance conditions and in environments with high electronic noise. RS485 makes it possible to configure cheap local networks and multi-branch communication links.

2. Analog electronic water gauge (analog upload)

The output mode of analog electronic water gauge has current type and voltage type, whether it is current type signal or voltage type signal, to provide signal meter The number of equipment cables is subject to three types: four-wire system, three-wire system, and two-wire system. Different types of signal wiring methods are different.

3. Cellular network type electronic water gauge (cellular network type)

Cellular network type electronic water gauge, supports China Mobile GPRS signal, and China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom 4G signal, customers can choose to provide You can also apply for your own IoT card, depending on the actual situation.

In addition to software and hardware upgrades, urban drainage management is also indispensable for manpower. Once the Meteorological Bureau reports that there is a large rainfall, urban management personnel should increase inspections and emergency guards on bridges, underground passages, low-lying road sections, areas prone to stagnant water, and the surrounding areas of key projects under construction within the jurisdiction, and find problems in a timely manner. Eliminate hidden dangers of waterlogging.

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