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Existing noise and dust monitoring system and its future development direction?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-11
Existing noise and dust monitoring system and its future development direction?
For a long time, the civil engineering students have been dissatisfied. Why do they think of pollution on the construction site whenever there is a haze weather? We don’t remember this pot!

This article provides an excuse for the students of the Department of Civil Engineering. By the way, I will give readers three reasons for the formation of smog in popular science:

1. The air is not flowing or flowing smoothly, which makes tiny particles gather in the air. It also explains why the smog disappears as soon as the cold air comes.

2. A large amount of polluting waste gas emitted by heavy industry factories.

3. As the country's urbanization level is getting higher and higher, there are more and more cars in the city. The more cars there are, the more exhaust emissions will be, and the air will naturally become worse.

Building dust generated by construction sites is particulate matter and will not stay in the air for a long time. As for the PM2.5/PM10 emitted by building dust, it is nothing compared to industrial pollution. At this time, some friends may ask, since the dust will not cause serious pollution to the environment as a whole, why should the country continue to control the dust on construction sites and vigorously promote the popularization of noise and dust monitoring systems?

This article will explain the hazards of fugitive dust, the existing noise fugitive dust monitoring system and its future development direction from three aspects.

Noise fugitive dust monitoring system

1. Harm of building dust

Although fugitive dust will not harm the overall environment, it will seriously affect the air quality in local areas. At present, the national urbanization reform is gradually advancing, and construction sites such as road construction, subway engineering, and building construction are developing rapidly. Most of the construction sites are concentrated in cities. If the supervision and control of construction sites are unfavorable, it will not only affect the appearance of the city, but also cause the environment. Pollution. Due to the dense population of cities, once pollution is out of control, the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, the country will vigorously promote the noise and dust monitoring system.

2. Existing noise and dust monitoring system

The noise and dust monitoring system is mainly for noise and dust monitoring on construction sites. The system consists of two parts: hardware products and software configuration:

Hardware The product is a noise dust detector, which can collect environmental data and report it to the software configuration in real time;

The noise dust monitoring product uses the inspection principle of the laser dust sensor. When the laser irradiates the fine particles of the inspection part, it will cause a lot of Weak optical scattering. The optical scattering wave pattern in a special orientation is related to the particle diameter. According to the statistical analysis and formula conversion of the wave pattern classification of different particle sizes, the total concentration value of the real-time fine particles of different particle sizes can be obtained. When personnel check on the system software, they can know the real-time ambient air quality index values u200bu200bin the construction site, such as the values u200bu200bof PM2.5 and PM10.

The software configuration is a self-designed and built dust monitoring platform. It receives monitoring data transmitted through 4G/GPRS/Ethernet and displays it on the platform page to realize remote online monitoring of the on-site environment. Provide 24-hour real-time data of the on-site environment for project builders and government departments at all levels.

The dust monitoring cloud platform has real-time monitoring, large-screen visualization, electronic maps, real-time data query, data statistics, real-time monitoring, on-site monitoring, single-site multi-parameter query, multi-site single-parameter query, and alarm query , You can add functions such as sub-accounts, projects, and equipment; it integrates multiple elements on site to achieve centralized monitoring and real-time monitoring and viewing; when the data exceeds the standard, it can send voice SMS alarms or email alarms to the designated person in charge; The equipment performs site ranking and statistical analysis of data to provide strong support for dispatching decision-making of specialized management departments at all levels.

3. The future development direction of the dust monitoring system

The severe environmental problems caused by the high development of productivity and the progress of human civilization will make the urban environment more and more severe. With the approach of the next five-year plan, in order to improve urban environmental problems, people cannot fail to realize clearly:

To control environmental pollution, on the one hand, the government needs to further strengthen the awareness and institutional rigidity of ecological governance, on the other hand, enterprises The methods and methods of ecological governance and environmental monitoring must be innovated. For example, make full use of Internet + and big data technology to promote the digital transformation of ecological governance to improve the performance of ecological governance. Especially as the construction of digital government has become an inevitable trend of social development, the pace of digital transformation of ecological governance is approaching.

Therefore, how environmental measurement and control companies promote their own dust monitoring systems to carry out digital transformation of ecological governance and improve the level of intelligence and digitalization will be a major development trend in the future.

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