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Factors affecting gas sensor readings

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-25
What is the pressure range of different sensors?

Non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR): The pressure range of the NDIR sensor can be very wide, from 0-2 atmospheres without problems. The pressure range depends on the withstand voltage of the light source and detector. If the light source is a glass bulb, the glass bulb is pressure-resistant. The infrared detector is sealed and packaged with a metal shell and an infrared filter. Therefore, the detector also has the problem of withstand voltage.

Catalytic combustion sensor (LEL): LEL sensor is a physical sensor, the pressure range can be very wide, from 0-2 atmospheres without any problem. But it should be noted that the higher the gas pressure, the smaller the concentration of combustible gas that the LEL sensor can measure. If the output voltage of the sensor exceeds the range specified in the specification, it may be damaged!

Electrochemical sensor (EC): Because there is liquid inside the EC sensor, its pressure range will not be very wide, usually 1±0.2 atmosphere. If the pressure is too high, the sensor may cause air leakage or liquid leakage. If the pressure is too low, the electrolyte will “sweep” out of the top of the sensor, causing the sensor to fail.

Photoionization sensor (PID): The pressure range of PID sensor is not wide, generally 1±0.1 atmosphere. The main reason for the limited range is that the UV lamp is encapsulated by a glass tube and crystal, which is not pressure-resistant. Especially when the temperature is very high or very low, PID is not withstand voltage.

Metal Oxide Semiconductor Sensor (MOS): MOS sensor is solid, and there is no liquid inside, so it is more pressure resistant. There is no problem with 0-2 atmospheres.

How does gas pressure affect gas concentration measurement results?

No matter what kind of gas sensor it is, it actually measures the concentration of the gas being measured. When the pressure increases, the physical and chemical change state will definitely change, which makes the reading larger.

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