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Fire incidents occur frequently in the computer room, is the computer room environmental monitoring system useful?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-25
Fire incidents occur frequently in the computer room, is the computer room environmental monitoring system useful?
On November 25, 2018, a fire broke out in the building of KT, one of the three largest telecommunications operators in South Korea, located in the center of Seoul. The cause of the accident was a fire in an underground cable tunnel. The fire burned 168,000 telephone lines and 220 sets of optical cables. Due to damage to communication equipment, the accident caused South Korea’s police, hospitals, financial and other social infrastructure to be forced to stop. The ordinary telephone and alarm system remained in a paralyzed state until the next day.

In August 2018, a fire broke out in a building in Tokyo, which is said to be an Amazon AWS Tokyo data center under construction. The fire burned for eight hours, killing five people, injuring fifty people, and burning down about a third of the buildings.

On August 12, 2019, a fire broke out in the air-conditioned machine room on the 3rd floor of the South Yard of the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. Firefighters fought for nearly 40 minutes to put out the fire. Fortunately, the fire was limited to the switchboard in the computer room, and no cultural relics were damaged.

In information construction, the operation of the computer room is at the core of information exchange management. All equipment in the computer room must operate normally at all times, otherwise, once a certain equipment fails, it will pose a threat to data transmission, storage and system operation, which will affect the operation of the global system. If it is not handled in time, it is more likely to damage the hardware equipment and delay the operation of the business system. The economic loss caused is immeasurable.

The frequent occurrence of fires in the computer room is caused by the inadequate supervision of the environment of the computer room. To ensure the environmental safety of the computer room, experts suggest that the operation of scattered equipment in the computer room can be centrally managed through modern IT technology, and the UPS, precision air conditioning, power distribution cabinet, temperature and humidity, water leakage detection, fire protection, access control, and video in the computer room Security monitoring and other systems perform centralized monitoring or control, and a computer room environment monitoring system is configured in the computer room to collect and process the monitoring data of the computer room.

One. What is the computer room environment monitoring system?

The computer room environment monitoring system is a computer network composed of computer network technology, database technology, communication technology, automatic control technology, new sensor technology, etc. It provides a computer technology-based and centralized management monitoring system. Mode automation, intelligence and high-efficiency technical means, the system monitoring objects are mainly equipment room power and environmental equipment (such as: power distribution, UPS, air conditioning, temperature and humidity, water leakage, smoke, video, access control, lightning protection, fire protection System, etc.), which can realize the management functions of remote measurement, remote signaling, remote control, and remote adjustment of the computer room, and provide a strong guarantee for the efficient management and safe operation of the computer room.

Second, the functions realized by the computer room environment monitoring system

The main functions that the monitoring system needs to achieve are as follows:

(1) Centralized real-time monitoring function

Traditional computer room management A system of regular and fixed-point inspections is adopted, such as one inspection in the morning and evening, and manual recording and archiving. However, the data is only for a specific period of time, and the work is monotonous and wastes manpower. The centralized real-time monitoring function can solve this problem.

(2) Alarm and event function

Alarm refers to abnormal conditions in the operation of the computer room, such as power failure, water leakage, etc. The occurrence of an alarm means that the operation of the computer room is affected.

(3) User management function

The user management is mainly to manage the authority of the users of the monitoring system, so as to prevent unauthorized personnel from modifying parameter settings or viewing at will. However, authorization requires hierarchical control, and users of different levels can only perform operations permitted within their own level.

(4) Running history data recording and trend function

For the manager of the computer room, in addition to the alarm function of the system, another important function of the system is the history data and trend function. Because the computer room is just a place for storing computers and network equipment, the number and models of the equipment in the computer room will change with the passage of events. According to the current trend, there are generally more and more. Therefore, from the perspective of computer room management, it is necessary to be able to have historical data on the operation of the equipment in the computer room, so that development trends and hidden troubles can be found through analysis. Thereby greatly improving the management level of the computer room.

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