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Fires are merciless and prevention is first. How to check if the smoke alarm is working?

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-03
Fires are merciless and prevention is first. How to check if the smoke alarm is working?
The dry weather in winter is the most fire-prone season of the year.

At 7:50 am on January 6, a fire broke out on the construction site of Aoti West Road and Kunshun Road, Jinan City.

At 7:50 am on January 14, a fire broke out in the cold storage of the Ginza Shengyang Logistics By-product Wholesale Market, Yaojia Road, Lixia District, Jinan City.

On January 16, a fire broke out in the Shandong Shanfang Technology Market in the northwest of the junction of Shanda Road and Yishou Road in Jinan City at around 7 am.

There have been three fires in Jinan in half a month. Should such frequent fires arouse our reflection? Why do so many fires still occur under the premise that the country emphasizes fire prevention in winter? As we all know, production is busy in winter and safety is easily overlooked. In addition, winter is the storage season. Whether it is factories, enterprises or households, materials are relatively concentrated. Once a fire occurs, it will cause greater losses.

At present, in order to protect the lives of the people and reduce the serious losses caused by fires, smoke alarms are used everywhere. If an effective smoke alarm is installed, the change in indoor smoke concentration can be detected in time. When the indoor smoke concentration reaches the limit, a local alarm will be issued, and the crowd can be notified to open the fire water valve in time before the fire has spread. , In the early stage of the fire, the fire can be controlled in time, and the danger can be stifled in the cradle.

For safety reasons, it is recommended to install smoke alarms in every household and environment to prevent fires. And regular maintenance and inspection, in addition to regular maintenance, usually, how should we determine whether the smoke alarm is working?

1. Regular inspections and inspections to see if the red light on the smoke sensor will flicker. If it does not flash, there is a problem;

2, we can also use smoke (Smoke generator) test, if the smoke alarm has an alarm, it means that the system (including the alarm and the smoke detector) is good;

3. If there is an alarm in normal times, but no fire is actually found, It means that there is a problem with the smoke alarm;

4, you can ask a state-approved and qualified unit to conduct an inspection once a year, including electrical inspections.

The smoke alarm is designed with the principle of photoelectric smoke sensing, and realizes fire prevention by monitoring the concentration of smoke. It has built-in smoke sensors and photoelectric smoke devices. The smoke moves upwards. When it rises to the bottom of the ceiling and enters the inside of the alarm, the smoke particles will scatter part of the light beam to the photosensitive element. The denser the smoke, the more light is scattered on the photosensitive element. When the light beam scattered on the sensor reaches a certain level, the buzzer will sound an alarm. At the same time, the sensor converts the light signal into an electric signal and transmits it to the automatic fire alarm system to prompt a fire.

It is a smart product with extremely high cost performance. It is unmatched by traditional smoke alarms both in appearance and function. It meets the fire protection GB4715-2005 standard. Low consumption, no adjustment, stable work, two-way sensor, 360° sensing smoke, fast sensing without false alarm; SMD technology, anti-EMI, RFI interference, to ensure the accuracy of monitoring. It plays an important role in the early detection and notification of fires, preventing or reducing the hazards of fires, and protecting personal and property safety.

The smoke alarm is an indispensable part of the fire protection system with 24-hour real-time monitoring, instant triggering, remote alarm, safety and reliability. It is not only used in smart home systems, but also in monitoring systems, smart hospitals, smart hotels, smart buildings, smart breeding and other occasions. It is a good helper for fire accident prevention.

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