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Four-in-one gas detector to eliminate hidden dangers for safe production

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-20
Four-in-one gas detector to eliminate hidden dangers for safe production
With the development of my country's industrialization process, the potential threats of all kinds of harmful gases are increasing day by day. A slight error in the production process will cause irreversible and major losses to personnel, equipment, and production. Therefore, in addition to stricter requirements for operation, control, and safety in the production process, the corresponding hazardous gas detection methods should also be increased.

However, in many cases, harmful gases are colorless and tasteless, 'killing' is invisible and hard to be detected. At this time, we should choose a gas detector with high sensitivity, high accuracy, and high selectivity for monitoring. Choosing a qualified gas detector can reliably detect the content of harmful gases in the air, and remind the responsible personnel to take correct disposal methods in time to reduce hidden dangers and avoid accidents.

At the same time, the gas detector should also have the characteristics of being carried around. In addition to requiring high sensitivity, high accuracy, and high selectivity, we also need it to have the characteristics of small size and easy to carry detection. Therefore, a device with small size, fast response and high accuracy was born on demand. This is the 'four-in-one gas detector RS-MG41-1-1'

four-in-one gas detector

p>Two significant features of the four-in-one gas detector: portability and sustainable use (≥8 hours); portability is the positioning used by the four-in-one gas detector, with a clip on the back of the detector, which can be clipped Carry it with you in your coat pockets, trouser pockets, and in environments containing explosive or toxic gases.

Through multi-party certification: the four-in-one gas detector from design, manufacture to verification, all processes strictly comply with GB3836.4-2010 'Explosive Environment Part 4: Intrinsically Safe 'i' Protected Equipment' and other gas-related national standards, which meet the requirements for high reliability of equipment in industrial site safety monitoring, have obtained explosion-proof certification, Jiangsu Metrology Institute verification certificate and inspection report, and the shell is made of high-strength engineering plastics and composite non-slip rubber It is an intrinsically safe compound detector, which is waterproof, dustproof and feels good.

The function of the four-in-one gas detector:

1. The four-in-one gas detector has a built-in electrochemical and combustible gas sensor, which uses the principle of natural diffusion to detect oxygen, combustible gas, carbon monoxide, The four gases of hydrogen sulfide are monitored, which has the characteristics of high detection accuracy and stable performance.

2. At the same time, the detector shell is equipped with a high-definition color LCD screen, which can display the concentration of oxygen, combustible gas, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and other gases, so that users can view the real-time value of each gas at any time.

3. The four-in-one gas detector has a built-in storage system that can store up to 130,000 monitoring data. Through the configuration software, users can view historical data in time periods and export files in TXT/Excel/PDF format; Set the data recording time interval through the configuration software, turn on or off the storage function, and turn on or off the sound, light and vibration alarm; in addition, the storage and alarm functions can also be turned on or off through the buttons on the detector.

4. The four-in-one gas detector has the function of over-limit warning. Through the configuration software of the detector, the high/low limit of the concentration of each gas can be set. If the value exceeds the limit, the detector will alarm through three methods such as light flashing, buzzer, and body vibration. At the same time, the concentration of the gas will be displayed on the screen. The value will also change from green to red.

Precautions for the use of the four-in-one gas detector:

1. Avoid violent impact and squeezing when using it;

2, charging should be in a safe area, and it is strictly forbidden to use it in a flammable area. Charging in explosive and hazardous areas;

3. Special personnel or institutions should conduct inspections and repairs. During maintenance, the model, specifications, and parameters of the original circuit components must not be changed;

4. Please use the special charger provided by the manufacturer when charging;

5. Do not squeeze the display screen with your hands;

p>6. When the gas concentration is too high, it will adversely affect the electrochemical sensor of the instrument or damage the sensor;

7. When the battery power is too low, the buzzer will emit a 'di, di' sound prompt and automatically Turn off, please charge before use.

The four-in-one gas detector has excellent sensitivity and excellent repeatability. It can be used in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, refining, gas transmission and distribution, biochemical medicine, agriculture and other industries. Real-time monitoring in environments containing explosive gases or toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen. In industrial production, safety is no small matter, and it is necessary to prevent problems before they occur. We must work hard at 120% to ensure that no harmful gas leaks at the site and achieve safe production.

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