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Four precautions for ozone sensor installation

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-14
Four precautions for ozone sensor installation
Ozone, as a light blue gas with a fishy smell under normal temperature and pressure, has strong oxidizing properties and can kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. It can also oxidize a variety of inorganic and organic substances to decolor and decolorize. The role of smell has been widely used in sewage treatment. Because ozone is a toxic and strong oxidant, a certain concentration of this gas can cause headaches, dry throat, respiratory tract damage, and even endanger personal health. Therefore, it must be controlled and monitored by ozone sensors during use to prevent accidents. Happen.

The ozone sensor adopts the electrochemical detection principle, mainly by measuring the current generated when the target gas enters the sensor and the chemical reaction occurs at the sensing electrode, so as to achieve the purpose of detecting its concentration. The sensor is actually a fuel cell component composed of a sensing electrode and a negative electrode, which is maintenance-free and stable for a long time. Because surface ozone mainly comes from industrial and automobile exhaust gas, the main purpose of ozone sensors is to monitor emissions and air quality, as well as safety inspections related to disinfection.

Ozone sensors are widely used in places or equipment such as pharmaceuticals, medical treatment, disinfection, ozone separators, ozone disinfection machines, etc. The above industries or products have different concentrations of ozone gas with high and low concentrations due to different needs. According to national standards, the concentration of ozone in the air should not be greater than 0.1 ppM in places where people are present. In these places, the uncertainty of ozone gas concentration is an objective potential safety hazard. Therefore, it is necessary to install an ozone gas detector in the relevant equipment. For a given process device, the number and location of ozone detectors that need to be installed depends on many factors. The installation should generally be carried out from the following aspects:

(1) Leak point or detection point is the presence of ozone gas The location must be as close as possible, because ozone is easily decomposed.

(2) Receptive points or places where people are densely populated, that is, locations where ozone gas can pose a threat to personnel. The main purpose of this is to protect personnel safety. Note: Although most devices have many leak points and receptor points, these two types of dangerous points are not always in the same place. For example, the potential leak may be located in a nearby factory. To identify leaks, it is necessary to consult all hazardous area classification maps, process safety management and risk management plans and other materials. Generally speaking, the installation location of the ozone sensor should be close to the potential leak point. In locations where there is a high possibility of causing damage or injury to personnel, even if there is no specific leakage point nearby, it should be tested.

(3) The installation height of the ozone sensor should be lower than the leak point. This is because the molecular weight of ozone is larger than that of air, and the ozone will diffuse below the leak point.

(4) For such places that require real-time monitoring for 24 hours, a fixed online ozone sensor must be installed. It can be tested online 24 hours a day. And according to different occasions, there are three installation methods: diffusion type, pipeline type and flow type. It is equipped with high and low alarms, which can effectively and safely monitor the ozone concentration and prevent safety accidents.

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