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From being able to plant to 'wisdom' plant, insect situation forecaster helps rural agriculture development

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-18
From being able to species to 'wisdom' species, the insect situation forecasting instrument helps rural agriculture development
2021 is the first year of the '14th Five-Year Plan' and the first year of rural revitalization. Since the Central Committee’s No. 1 document proposed to develop smart agriculture and promote rural revitalization, technologies such as the Internet, big data, and cloud computing have been applied to agricultural production. In all aspects, smart agriculture has gradually taken root in rural areas, injecting strong momentum into rural revitalization.

On the ground of Liangjia Village, Xiaomeng Town, Yanzhou District, Jining City, one can see a series of environmental monitoring equipment such as weather stations, insect detection and reporting instruments, and visual monitoring probes. This is a high-standard farmland intelligent IoT monitoring station. Since 2011, Yanzhou has promoted the construction of high-standard farmland mainly focusing on the transformation and upgrading of hardware facilities such as farmland road networks, irrigation pipes, ditches, bridges and culverts, and has now formed a project management as the core, with real-time monitoring and smart agriculture as the main content. New supervision and management model of 'Internet + high-standard farmland construction'.

Xie Lin, deputy mayor in charge of agriculture in Xiaomeng Town, said, “In the past 10 years, our average grain yield has increased by two to three hundred kilograms, and the cost of water, fertilizer, and labor has also decreased year by year. When combined, the per capita income can be increased by 500 yuan per year. 'The year-on-year increase in grain output is inseparable from the continuous advancement of high-standard farmland construction in the local area.

Now, in June, the middle and late stages of wheat growth are a critical period for yield formation. The ability of wheat roots to absorb nutrients and water is reduced, and plant disease resistance is also reduced, so this period is also a period of wheat diseases and insect pests. High incidence period. Thanks to the development of scientific and technological information, the amount of pesticides used in Xiaomeng Town has been declining year by year. Pest control mainly adopts pest situation measuring and reporting instruments. Through continuous improvement of monitoring methods, the monitoring and early warning of pests and diseases are strengthened to achieve the goal of green pest control.

It is understood that the insect situation forecasting instrument is a special equipment used to prevent and control agricultural pests. It can automatically attract and kill insects without supervision by using modern light, electricity, numerical control and other technologies. The insects are dispersed, photographed, transported, collected, drained and other systems are operated, and then use wireless transmission technology and Internet of Things technology to upload environmental weather and insect pests to the designated agricultural insect situation forecasting platform in real time to analyze and predict the occurrence and development of insect pests , To provide services for modern agriculture to meet the needs of insect forecasting and specimen collection.

The insect situation forecaster uses the principle of black light lamp to trap pests, and then uses far infrared to treat the insects (the lethal rate of the insects is not less than 98%, and the completeness of the insects is not less than 95%). The pests are killed, and then enter the drying warehouse for secondary treatment to ensure that the pests are intact for later analysis. The insects enter the dispersed and tiled structure, and the insects are evenly scattered and spread on the conveyor belt through vibration. The conveyor belt accurately transports the insects to the photographing area, ensuring that each insect feature can be clearly photographed, laying a good foundation for AI recognition .

Built-in high-definition camera to remotely automatically complete photographing and imaging. The pictures are sent wirelessly to the agricultural insect situation observation and reporting platform. The platform can record the picture data collected in each time period. It has AI insect automatic identification and remote real-time viewing of insect situation and insect situation. Online analysis, automatic identification of pest species, regional pest situation statistics, pest situation change trend analysis, equipment monitoring and other functions. The first-hand insect information can be grasped in time on the mobile phone and computer at home without going out, and effective measures can be taken to prevent and control in time, which improves the effect of pest control, improves the growth environment around crops, and realizes scientific pest monitoring and control.

Digital village is the integration point of rural revitalization strategy and digital China strategy. From the development of smart agriculture to the construction of digital villages, from manual surveys to real-time monitoring of the Internet of Things, the concepts of intelligence, green, and health are gradually intensifying in rural areas. The application of insect situation monitoring instruments in rural fields is just one of the small steps. I believe In the future, every rural area will be able to enjoy the convenience brought by the new management model of 'Internet + high-standard farmland construction'.

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