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From 'four no granaries' to smart granaries, information technology improves the level of scientific grain storage

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-18
From 'four no granaries' to smart granaries, information technology improves the level of scientific grain storage
Since ancient times, China has had a tradition of food storage. Grain storage is considered 'the life of the world'. Many archaeological sites in China have found a large number of pits for storing food.

my country is a country with a large population and a large food consumer. Correctly handling the relationship between population and food is a prerequisite for national stability and development. When the People’s Republic of China was founded, China’s grain warehouses had a capacity of only 6 billion catties. These “granaries” were small and scattered, and were moist and buggy, which made it difficult to meet the requirements for safe food storage. Pests, mildews, and rodents and sparrows have occurred from time to time, and food losses in various places are very serious.

Today, my country’s grain reserves have increased more than 300 times compared with the time when China was first established. According to the White Paper on China’s Food Security issued by the State Information Office, the total capacity of China’s granaries has reached 910 million in 2018. Ton. Even if it is only one-third full, it is enough for 1.4 billion people to take home more than 400 catties each. I really do 'have food in hand, don't panic in my heart'.

With the progress of the times and the development of technology, traditional granaries have been unable to meet the demand for grain storage in recent years. China's grain storage is also advancing with the times, and is currently transitioning to a stage of 'green, ecological, intelligent, and efficient'. Through Internet technology, wireless communication technology and cloud computing technology, create a 'smart granary' integrating 'sensing + digital + cloud'.

The 'smart granary' can realize multi-point sensing. The temperature and humidity in the granary have abnormal changes, and the system immediately issues an alarm, transforming the previous human-centric storage mode into a scientific storage supported by technology and information Way.

The intelligent granary monitoring system is an automated monitoring system that can monitor and record unattended 24 hours a day without interruption. The system consists of 86 shell temperature and humidity sensor, environmental monitoring host, LED screen, industrial 485 controller and environmental monitoring cloud platform. It can monitor and record the temperature and humidity in the granary, and upload the temperature and humidity data to the environmental monitoring host in real time. The cloud platform achieves real-time monitoring and control of the temperature and humidity in the granary, and can realize over-limit alarm in the case of abnormal temperature and humidity, and notify the management personnel in the form of text messages, telephone calls, sound and light, etc.

In the granary management, the focus is on the reasonable arrangement of temperature measurement points, because the granary needs to check the temperature changes frequently to facilitate the timely detection of the heating points of the granary and reduce the loss of grain in time. For granary temperature and humidity monitoring, our company recommends the 86-shell temperature and humidity sensor RS-WS-N01-1-*. The sensor is built-in with a high-quality temperature and humidity measurement unit imported from Switzerland, with LCD display for real-time display of temperature and humidity, which is convenient for on-site observation and monitoring. Numerical value. A variety of extension probes can be selected, and the extension probe line can be extended to 30 meters, which is convenient for multi-point temperature measurement. It is also possible to set all its parameters and upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity monitoring through its own buttons, configuration software or cloud platform, to monitor the temperature and humidity in the granary, and display real-time data on the LCD screen.

The environmental monitoring host RS-XZJ-100-Y connects to all 86 shell temperature and humidity sensors installed in the granary through the RS485 interface, receives the data uploaded by all monitoring terminals, and displays it in rotation on the LCD screen, and Upload the data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform, and the host also has the function of storing data and resuming transmission, which can ensure the integrity of all data during the use time. An external LED display can also be connected to display the temperature and humidity data of each granary directly on the large LED screen.

If the monitored real-time data exceeds the upper and lower limits, the 86 shell temperature and humidity sensor will give an on-site sound and light alarm, and at the same time upload the alarm information to the server, and the cloud platform will promptly notify the management through telephone, mobile phone, email and other alarm methods The personnel connect the industrial RS485 controller in parallel to turn on the air conditioner or fan for temperature control and dehumidification.

The whole system is reliable and practical, and it can effectively realize remote real-time and dynamic monitoring of its environment, record the temperature and humidity status data of each monitoring point in real time, and send out alarms and prompts to the over-limit monitoring points. Not only does it tell the difficulty of human monitoring, it also improves the monitoring speed and accuracy of temperature and humidity, saves a lot of manpower and material resources, reduces the work intensity of temperature and humidity management, and improves management efficiency.

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