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From the autumn equinox to the celebration of the harvest, the intelligent granary online monitoring system should be selected for grain storage

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-04
From the autumn equinox to the celebration of the harvest, the intelligent granary online monitoring system should be selected for grain storage

At 21:31 on September 22, 2020, the 'autumn equinox' solar term will usher in, 'Autumn equinox, yin and yang are half, so the day and night are equal to cold and heat.' Today, the sun is almost directly on the equator, all day and night. Isometric. The autumnal equinox is also our most precious harvest season of the year. Since 2018, the autumnal equinox has been set up as a 'Farmers Harvest Festival' to pay tribute to farmers and praise the harvest in my country.

Plant one millet in spring and harvest ten thousand seeds in autumn.” Around the autumn equinox, there are abundant grains and fragrance of melons and fruits everywhere. Farmers take advantage of the fine weather to grab the crops, busy in the golden fields, and harvest autumn grains. .

The autumn grain is harvested. After drying, it needs to be stored in the granary. The traditional granary storage requires manual daily inspections of the grain condition to ensure the safety of the stored grain. In the summer high temperature season, weekly It should be checked once. When checking the condition of the grain, first check whether the color and smell of the grain are normal. Grab the grain to see if the scatter is good, whether there is agglomeration or mildew. Insert your hand into the grain pile. If it feels particularly cool, it means that The temperature of the grain is normal; if you feel hot flashes, it means that the grain has become hot and you should take immediate measures to deal with it. This method is laborious and laborious. If neglected, the grain may become moldy and deteriorate, and irreversible losses will occur during storage.

Current grain storage enterprises apply the Internet of Things and sensors to grain management, and have established an intelligent online granary monitoring system, referred to as the grain condition monitoring system. The grain condition monitoring system is based on temperature and humidity sensors and carbon dioxide sensors. , Using big data analysis technology to realize the functions of data display, data storage and intelligent early warning through the cloud platform, so that the management of food no longer only depends on manual detection, but directly controls the real-time changes of the on-site food situation in the control room to ensure food safety .

The Ethernet multi-probe temperature and humidity recorder RS-WS-ETH-Y is the temperature and humidity monitoring terminal in the grain condition monitoring system. It can collect up to 4 channels of temperature and humidity data; the recorder can pass itself Buttons, configuration software or cloud platform to set all its parameters and the upper and lower limits of the 4-channel temperature and humidity monitoring; it has a built-in high-quality temperature and humidity measurement unit imported from Switzerland, which can accurately monitor the temperature and humidity in the granary, and display real-time data It is displayed on the LCD screen, and the data can also be uploaded to the monitoring software or cloud platform through the network port. The Ethernet type multi-probe temperature and humidity recorder has a built-in buzzer, and can also be extended with a sound and light alarm (optional). In addition, The temperature and humidity recorder has its own storage function and supports offline automatic storage. Each channel can store up to 16000 historical records. After the signal is restored, the historical data can be continued to be transmitted to the monitoring software or cloud platform.

Filling a closed granary with carbon dioxide gas can change the composition of the gas composition in the granary, destroy the ecological environment of pests and molds, inhibit the respiration of grain, and delay the aging of grain quality. The necessary carbon dioxide concentration monitoring helps to achieve a safe and environmentally friendly The purpose of food storage. The carbon dioxide sensor RS-CO2*-*-2 uses a new infrared verification technology to measure the carbon dioxide concentration, and the response is rapid and sensitive, which avoids the short life and long-term drift of traditional electrochemical sensors. The equipment adopts a wall-mounted waterproof shell and is installed Convenience, high protection level; wide measurement range, default 0-5000ppm (default), with temperature compensation, less affected by temperature.

If the monitored temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide data exceed the upper and lower Limit, the device will alarm on the spot with sound and light, and will alarm at the same time The information is uploaded to the server, and the cloud platform will promptly notify the management personnel to take relevant measures through telephone, mobile phone, email and other alarm methods to ensure food safety.

Before and after the autumnal equinox, the autumn is high and fresh, the sweet osmanthus fragrant, enjoy the beautiful scenery, harvest a good harvest, but also pay attention to adding clothes in the morning and evening to avoid catching cold~

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