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Functional characteristics of positioning water immersion transmitter

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-07
Functional characteristics of positioning water immersion transmitter
In some locations that require a water-free environment, such as a computer room, there are many cables. A slight water leakage may cause problems such as a decrease in the oxidation sensitivity of the electrode. There are warehouses, communication base stations and other locations. In order to avoid unnecessary hazards, flood transmitters are needed for real-time monitoring in such locations.

The water immersion transmitter works according to the principle of liquid conduction, using electrodes to detect whether there is water. In addition to water immersion transmitters, there are also locating water immersion transmitters on the market.

The most notable feature of the locating water immersion transmitter compared with the non-locating detection is that it can accurately detect and report the specific location of the water leak. When the sensor cable detects water leakage, it will immediately transmit the signal to the positioning flood transmitter. At this time, the transmitter will alarm and transmit the alarm signal to the integrated terminal. At the same time, the relay will be turned on and displayed on the LCD screen. The location of the leak is displayed on the display.

Take the RS-SJ-DW-N01R01-1 positioning type water immersion transmitter as an example to explain to you the relevant introduction about the positioning type water immersion transmitter.

Positioning water immersion transmitter is a water leakage detection device specially designed for non-water environments such as computer rooms, which is convenient for real-time detection of water leakage in the computer room and rapid determination of water leakage points. The equipment adopts the standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, which can be used with the environmental monitoring host, upload to the cloud platform or carry out secondary development.

Features of the positioning type water immersion transmitter:

LCD screen display: 128*64 high-definition display LCD screen can be used to visually check the location of the water leak. When the water leak is detected, the device interface displays a water immersion alarm. And display the flooding distance. The communication address, baud rate, etc. can also be modified by pressing the key.

High sensitivity: The equipment uses highly sensitive cables, which will report when it touches water. Each part of the cable can continuously sense the presence of water leakage, and can accurately locate and detect whether the rope is broken.

Disconnection reminder: When the leaking rope is disconnected, it can promptly alarm and remind the fault, and the power failure monitoring time can be set, that is, how long will the alarm be issued after detecting that the leaking rope is disconnected somewhere. You can also set the flood detection time, that is, how long the device will alarm after detecting the water leak.

Self-detection: The device will automatically detect when it is powered on, and the display of line failure means that there is a problem with the wiring. Please check the wiring at this time.

Multiple alarm function: The positioning type water immersion transmitter has a variety of alarm methods, such as relay alarm, 485 mode alarm, sound alarm, LCD screen display alarm, etc. You can also set the alarm closing time, that is, how long after the alarm is manually closed, the alarm will not be issued when water is detected again.

One-key silence: When there is a water leakage accident, the alarm will sound. Long press the 'Clear key' to eliminate the alarm sound.

Positioning water immersion transmitter can also design the output state of the relay. The relay adopts the default on-off mode that can be selected independently, which is convenient for configuring different sound and light alarms.

Track installation method:

Compared with the positioning type flooding transmitter, the non-positioning type flooding transmitter RS-SJ-N01R01-4 It is not possible to clearly specify the location of the leak, but there is no absolute difference between the two. It can be used after comprehensive analysis according to the specific conditions of the place of use. For example: if the area of u200bu200bwater leakage monitoring is small, it only takes a short period of time to check to determine the location of the specific location, just choose a non-positioned flood transmitter; if the monitoring range is relatively large, and it is a storage point for valuables , Such as a computer room, etc., you can choose a positioning type flooding transmitter, or you can connect multiple positioning type flooding transmitters through the 485 bus to achieve a better monitoring effect.

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