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Get rid of noise pollution, start with the noise online monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-07
Get rid of noise pollution, start with the noise online monitoring system
In life, noise is everywhere. Car horns, building construction, entertainment venues, etc., these noises have a serious impact on our lives and health. Wen Xiangcai, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and director of the Physical Environment Monitoring Office of China Environmental Monitoring Station, said that noise pollution has been the top two complaints from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment in recent years, and it concerns everyone's vital interests.

What is noise pollution?

According to the 'Environmental Noise Pollution Prevention Law of the People's Republic of ChinaAccording to the standard, the noise standard in residential areas is between 45 decibels and 55 decibels. This standard is equivalent to a volume at which two people can hear each other when talking in a room, and if the volume exceeds this volume, it can be counted as noise annoying.

During the college entrance examination, all parts of the country issued relevant notices on noise control, requiring strict control of various types of noise, prohibiting construction units from carrying out construction operations that generate environmental noise, and prohibiting various construction operations within 500 meters of the test site. Shandong Province has also opened a green channel for complaints and reports, and strictly enforces immediate handling of complaints. During the examination period, construction operations that generate environmental noise pollution are not allowed, and some cities can stop issuing certificates for continuous construction operations at night.

In this regard, netizens sent a soul blow: After the college entrance examination is over, does the noise disturb the relevant departments of the people?

This is indeed not to blame for the 'soul questioning' of netizens. Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation announced the results of public service quality monitoring in 12 areas in 160 cities across the country in 2019. The score rate of the evaluation index of 'peripheral noise control' in the field of ecological environment is low. In addition, according to the relevant information, in the process of environmental complaints and reports received by the ecological environment section, the proportion of complaints involving noise in large and medium-sized cities exceeds 60%.

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment believes that the main consideration is to improve the prevention and control of environmental noise pollution from the following five aspects:

The first is to highlight source control. Implement the important role of planning in the prevention and control of environmental noise pollution, and achieve source prevention and control; strengthen the supervision of various environmental noise sources such as industrial production, construction, transportation, and social life.

The second is to gather key issues. Efforts should be made to solve the outstanding problems of unclear division of departmental management responsibilities, insufficient source prevention and control, and unclear penalties in the current environmental noise pollution prevention and control work.

The third is that the institutional measures are feasible. Strengthen the research and demonstration of related systems to ensure that the system is feasible and effective.

Fourth is to gather successful practices. Make full use of relevant domestic and foreign laws and regulations and successful management experience in practice to promote consensus and improve governance effectiveness.

The fifth is to improve governance capabilities. Strengthen government supervision and management responsibilities, clarify the supervision responsibilities of various departments, implement the main responsibility of noise emission units for pollution prevention and control, and strengthen social governance.

If noise pollution is treated from the source, online monitoring must be done first to control the data in real time. At this time, it is time to focus on the online noise monitoring system.

The noise online monitoring system is mainly composed of shutter noise sensor and noise monitoring cloud platform.

RS-ZS-*-BYH Louver Box Noise Sensor is a high-precision sound measuring instrument with a range of 30dB~120dB. It is small in material and light in size, and uses a radiation shield that meets WMO standards; it is made of high-quality anti-ultraviolet materials, which can effectively block ultraviolet radiation and prevent rapid aging of the equipment; its appearance is rain-proof and snow-proof, suitable for a variety of environmental monitoring; it adopts high-quality four-core The data transmission efficiency is high, which can ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

RS-ZS-*-BYH shutter noise sensor can meet daily measurement needs and is widely used in various fields such as home, office, workshop, automotive measurement, industrial measurement and so on.

The noise monitoring cloud platform has real-time monitoring, large-screen visualization, electronic maps, real-time data query, data statistics, single-site multi-parameter query, multi-site single-parameter query, alarm query, sub-accounts, projects and equipment can be added Function.

The cloud platform is a platform built for the convenience of users to monitor and use. It is the monitoring and management center of the noise online monitoring system. It can monitor the noise value of the monitoring site in real time, and store, record and analyze the data. It has the function of displaying the value, displaying all the received data on the platform and updating it in real time; it has the function of storing historical data, and the cloud platform retains the noise monitoring value for 2 years; it can also analyze the data in the form of a curve Display the historical trajectory; when the value exceeds the limit, the platform will also send an alarm message.

Finally, when we encounter noise pollution, what should we do?

First of all, you must clarify your rights. For example, it is stipulated that statutory rest days, all days of holidays and working days from 12:00 to 14:00, and from 18:00 to 8:00 the next day, noisy decorations in residential buildings are prohibited.

Secondly, when encountering noise, they should actively report to the environmental protection department with the evidence of the monitoring value. In addition, residents can also complain to the residents committee, community owner committee and other organizations. If none of the above measures work, it can be resolved through court litigation.

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